Americana Patriotic Flag Theme Bathroom Decor and Acesssories

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Americana patriotic flag themed bathroom décor and accessories are perfect fits for rustic or country style homes. When it comes to showing off your patriotism through your home décor, the options are endless. You can go as bold or understated as you like.

Americana Themed Décor

Americana décor is a theme that often goes along with country or rustic style interior design. As the name suggests, the look is built around American symbols and colors. The American flag and its bright red, white and blue hues are the most obvious choices for American décor, but the options go well beyond those American standards.

For instance, in terms of color, instead of using the red, white and blue seen on the flag, Americana décor often embraces toned down shades of those colors - rust red, beige and gray tinged blues like Williamsburg blue. Not only are these more subdued colors easier to use, they are also the colors of the American Colonial period, which makes them perfect fits in country homes.

The flag is central to Americana décor, but other symbols are important, too. Stars, eagles, supportive ribbons and patriotic sayings or quotes from American historical documents all figure in Americana décor.

Americana Themed Bathrooms

How can this style work in your bathroom? As long as you follow a few general design rules, your room is your blank canvas to carry the design theme as far as you'd like. Before you get started, keep these few basics in mind:

  • Dark colors will make small rooms look smaller. Further, dark colors inevitably darken a room. Since light is important in a bathroom, consider leaning towards the lighter end of Americana colors, like white or beige, for your walls. Mix in the red or blue on the trim.
  • Americana décor can be bold, which can overwhelm small bathrooms. If elbow room is an issue in your bathroom, stick to a few simple accessories.
  • If you're going to use Americana wall borders, or if you choose to paint your walls, be sure to choose adhesives and paints that can tolerate high moisture.

Shopping for Americana Bathroom Décor

Ready to get your decorating job underway? Visit these online retailers for some accessory options:

  • Bed Bath Store: You could start and end your shopping trip at Bed Bath Store with the Blonder Americana bathroom set. Options in the collection include a shower curtain featuring stars and stripes and supportive ribbons on a tea stained background, a navy blue bathmat decorated with beige stars and a red border, and a complete set of accessory options featuring the Colonial American flag, from shower curtain hooks to soap dishes, water cups, toothbrush holders, tissue boxes and more.
  • Kohls: If you prefer to go with the brighter shades of Americana design, then Kohls has a collection for you. Since these bright colors work best in small doses in confined bathroom spaces, add a few of these patriotic hand towels to get the look without overwhelming the room. Also consider some of their functional wall art, like the three star metal hook system that suspends over the door, giving you a patriotic inspired place to hang your towels.

Other online retailers, like Amazon and eBay, have an ever changing line-up of Americana home accessories.

If you want a really authentic look, visit antique shops and estate sales to browse for Colonial period pieces. Although you may not find bathroom specific item, you can find the perfect wall art or decorative accessory to pull your room together. Country themed home décor stores are also great sources.

Learn More About Americana Design

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Americana Patriotic Flag Theme Bathroom Decor and Acesssories