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Americana Wallhanging Patterns

Kim Stone

One of the fastest ways to add a charming theme to your walls is by displaying Americana wallhanging patterns. Quilted wall art has been popular for decades, and there are countless choices available for those seeking this nostalgic, patriotic motif.

Americana Wall Décor Themes

Americana wallhanging patterns will work in a variety of decorating styles including country, traditional, rustic, or western. The simple red, white, and blue color palette of many of these patterns allows them to be used in a wide range of design motifs.

The most commonly seen Americana pattern themes include images of flags, farmhouses, stars, stripes, hearts, angels, Lady Liberty, and Uncle Sam. There are also usually elements from nature integrated into the designs. This can range from animals and birds to plants and vegetation. Food items such as fruit, pies, and bread baskets are another well-liked theme seen in Americana wallhanging patterns.

Holiday themes are also extremely popular in the world of Americana quilted wall art. During each of the holiday seasons, unique wall décor patterns will enhance the festive atmosphere. Top winter design motifs for wallhangings include stylized imagery of Santa Claus, snowmen, snowflakes, and Christmas trees. Fall themes that can be found in Americana wallhanging patterns consist of delightful pumpkins, cornucopias, fall leaves, ghosts, witches, and moons. One of the top holidays for Americana wallhangings is the Fourth of July. This is perfect time to display patriotic Americana wall art and show off those stars and stripes!

Buying Americana Wallhanging Patterns

There are many sources for researching and purchasing Americana wallhanging patterns. While some stores are only online, it is a good idea to visit a local quilt pattern retailer who carries in-store stock or who can order from catalogs. This way you can see the patterns choices more clearly.

Make sure that the retailer has a good return policy in case you change your mind about the pattern. It's also wise to check the package for the size of the quilt pattern to make sure the dimensions of the finished piece will fit its intended display spot.

Here a few places to start searching for the perfect Americana wallhanging patterns:

  • Country Lore Designs - This is a collection of over twenty endearing Americana wallhanging designs.
  • Debbie Mumm - A wide range of Americana and holiday quilting pattern books from one of the industry's leading designers.

Making Wallhanging Patterns

If you just can't find the right pre-packaged design, try your hand at creating your own Americana wallhanging patterns. This could serve the purpose of making quilted art for your family and friends, or it may well lead to a budding pattern design business. The major parts of a pattern include the templates, instructions, and supply list.

The pattern templates can be drawn out on thick card stock and then traced onto letter-size paper. The next phase will be to scan the template pages into your computer or make copies on a high-quality copier. You should also include step-by-step instructions for completing the project along with a detailed supply list. Now you are ready distribute your pattern at craft fairs, on eBay, or through mail order.

Americana Wallhanging Patterns