Americana Wooden Flags: Types & How to Use Them


The Americana home décor mixes Country and Colonial design themes and is based upon American patriotism. The red, white and blue colors of the American flag are the main colors used in this design, so no room would be complete without a few Americana wooden flags.

Types of Americana-Style Flags

Americana flags are not the modern flags with brilliant blue, bright red and stark white. These flags are designed with a vintage look and feel with maroon reds, muted blues and creamy whites. The flag design is also vintage and does not have the modern flag design of 50 stars and 13 stripes. Instead, they are produced using 2 main design styles.

  • The Primitive Star flag - This design has a single star set on a blue background with a small number of wide red and white stripes (usually between 5 or 6). The Primitive Star flag is designed with an antique look and appears weathered and worn resulting in brick red and dark cream colored stripes and a deep blue-gray background, on top of which sits a single cream colored star.
  • The Betsy Ross flag - 13 stars set in a circular pattern and 13 stripes of the Betsy Ross flag is used in this design and uses the same brick red, dark cream and deep blue-gray colors of the Primitive Star flag design.
  • The 3rd Maryland Pattern flag - This flag is similar in design to the Betsy Ross flag, but instead of 13 same sized stars set in a circular pattern, it has 12 stars same sized stars, with one larger star set in the middle of the circle. The 3rd Maryland Pattern flag design is a little more difficult to find due to its limited use in American history.

Traditional Wooden Flag Design Alternatives

If you like the Americana flag designs, but are bored by the same old rectangular shape, there are many alternatives to proudly displaying your Americana flags.

  • Different shaped wooden flags - In this design, an Americana flag design is painted atop different shapes such as stars or hearts. Visit the Creative Country Gifts and Crafts website for an example of star shaped wooden flag using the Primitive Star flag design.
  • A waving flag design with hanging ornaments. You will find this flag design in both the Betsy Ross and the Primitive star design patterns. The flag is intended to look as though it is waving in the wind and comes with different ornaments, such as stars and hearts or popular American sayings like "United We Stand," hanging from the bottom of the flag.

Incorporating Americana Flags Into Your Room Design

An Americana themed design is a great way to show your patriotism but there are a few things to keep in mind when adding Americana flags to your room design.

  • Keep it as simple as possible. The different patterns of stars and stripes, coupled with the predominate primary colors of red and blue can create what is often referred to as "visual noise". In order to mute this noise, consider using one pattern type of wooden Americana flag.
  • Balance the patterns - Incorporate solid colors red, white or blue in order to balance out the pattern of stars and stripes. For instance, if you are designing a family room or den in the Americana theme, choose solid blue-gray decorative pillows, a deep maroon red throw and a dark cream-colored area rug without a pattern or design. Doing so will effectively "ground" the room and tie your wooden Americana flag wall décor into the entire space, creating a perfectly balanced Americana theme without the visual noise.
  • Keep the colors in the same hue - Most wooden Americana flags have muted colors of red, white and blue. When designing your room, keep the color you use in the same muted color family. Don't mix the traditional Americana maroon red with a candy apple red or a dark creamy white with an ultra-bright white. Doing so will create a clash of colors that will compete for visual attention.

Where to Find Americana Flags

  • Factory Direct Craft - This website offers a variety of Americana themed products in both wood and metal.
  • - You'll find wooden flags and other flag-based items.
  • Patriot Wood - This shop has some stunning selections, including one of the Betsy Ross flag design.

Display Your Flags With Pride

Even though Americana wooden flags can be used as part of your decor, keep in mind that they are more than knick-knacks. Whether you display them inside or outside of your home, they represent the United States of America and deserve a place of pride.

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Americana Wooden Flags: Types & How to Use Them