Amish Wallpaper Border Inspiration and Features

Amish wallpaper border

An Amish wallpaper border can bring the serene look of the country and the simplicity of an uncomplicated life to any room in your home or office.

Amish Living

The Amish pride themselves on their independence from many of the conveniences in today's world. They take great pride in their craftsmanship, and they often share those talents with those who are not members of their community. In fact, "city folk" often head to the country in search of homegrown foods, handcrafted furniture, and crafts to purchase from these peace-loving people.

As you traverse the roads of an Amish settlement, you'll feel as if you've travelled into the past. While you won't see a car in the yard of an Amish member (unless it belongs to someone who lives outside of the community), you will see those stark, black horse-drawn buggies. Simple white houses dot the countryside, and charming children play clothed in long dresses and bonnets or black suits and straw hats. It truly is a sight to behold, and you can't help but relish in the peacefulness of the setting.

Finding Inspiration with an Amish Wallpaper Border

The inspiration of this lifestyle often seeps into the more modern world in the form of interior design and décor. Those who love the look and feel of the country, the oddity of a world set apart from their own, and the quaintness of a simpler life often look for ways to echo these feelings in their decorating style. An Amish wallpaper border is an inexpensive and simple way to bring the serenity of the country to a room. These borders will look great in virtually any room of your home or office, and you can echo the theme of the border with paint colors, accessories, and even classic furniture pieces.

What patterns and colors are typically associated with an Amish wallpaper border? The following is list of decorating themes and patterns that you might find:

  • Country living-First and foremost, you'll notice a beautiful country landscape, complete with rolling hills, wooden fences, and livestock.
  • Details-Details on the wallpaper border might include an Amish family in the yard of their home, a farmer walking behind a horse and plow, a horse-drawn buggy, or clotheslines of crisp, white sheets gently blowing in the breeze. Windmills and barnyard animals are also popular themes.
  • Colors-When you think of the country, what colors come to mind? Green grass, blue skies, white clapboard houses, colorful fall leaves, and rich flowers and crops offer a spectrum of hues that will work with almost any color scheme. Choose your primary and accent colors from the wallpaper border you select.
  • Accessories-Finding accessories that match the Amish border you choose is easy. Simple items, like wicker baskets, pottery, embroidered pillows, and cane-bottom chairs are just a few of the country-themed items that give the room an aura of the past. Search for items like old enamel pots and pans, cast iron skillets, and farm tools at flea markets. If you live anywhere near an Amish community, take a drive out there one afternoon to see what items they offer for sale. Don't plan on buying anything on a Sunday, however, as the Amish will not barter, trade, or sell on this day.

Internet Resources

The following sites offer wallpaper borders with an Amish theme.

Finally, a wallpaper border is simple to apply and an easy way to spruce up any room without spending a fortune. Take your ideas and inspiration from the patterns in the border, and choose colors and accent items that repeat the features in the border as well.

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Amish Wallpaper Border Inspiration and Features