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Aquatic Themes for Bathrooms

Beth Asaff
Tub filled with tropical flowers

Whisk yourself away to a seaside retreat each time you enter your bathroom. After all, this is one of first and last rooms you see each day. By using aquatic themes for bathrooms, you can create a peaceful oceanic vibe.

Life's a Beach

If the natural look appeals to you, consider using the simple colors and aged elements of the beach side. Draw on the earthy, neutral colors of the sand, sea, and sky for your color palette. Install ceramic tiles on the floor in sandy shades like beige, light gold, tan, or brown. The walls, towels and accessories can reflect the various blues and greens of the sea and sky. Seashells, corals and sponges can be used as natural accents or as inspiration for wall colors. There are also faux corals and shells available that look just like the real thing.

Cape Cod Style

For a quaint, cottage-like bathroom, borrow some Cape Cod design elements. This New England based style is defined by the use of white paired with the primary colors of red, yellow and blue. These primary colors are often washed-out or muted rather than being used as bright tones. Beadboard wainscoting and wall panels are traditionally used as the wall treatments. The beadboard planks, trim work, moldings and cabinetry are typically painted in crisp white tones. Lighthouses and sailboats are popular accents in this clean, coastal look.

Under the Sea

When dreaming up aquatic themes for bathrooms, children and adults are often drawn to life under the sea. For a truly wet experience in your bathroom, go for an adventurous underwater theme. Paint the walls in a deep blue or green to simulate the ocean's jewel toned waters. If your budget allows, line your walls or shower with tiny blue or green glass tiles or mosaic designs for a shimmery water like effect. Use the naturally bright colors of reef fish and creatures as your muses for the accessories and accent colors. Add images of fish, corals, mermaids, starfish, and sea plants to your walls. This is easily accomplished with art prints, wallpaper murals, or hand painted designs. To insert a pirate theme, add a sunken ship to the wall art. Fun, colorful towels can be added in reds, yellows, and greens to round out the look.

Surf's Up

To instill a Hawaiian or island vibe, try a theme filled with surf boards and palm trees. Look into the wonderful wallpapers available on the market featuring hibiscus flowers, pineapples, and surfboard designs for instant island flair. Add some bamboo, coconut shell, or capiz shell embellishments and accessories to ground your design. Don't forget the tiki gods! Retro island motifs are also popular and usually feature hula girl imagery and brightly printed fabrics. Images of the classic woody car with surfboards on the roof will make you smell sea salt in the air.

Aquatic Themes for Children's Bathrooms

Children are frequently drawn to the water, which makes an aquatic theme perfect for a child's bathroom as well. Keep the theme fun by scattering decorative tiles carved into the shapes of shells, fish, frogs, turtles and seaweed. These can be centered on white or pale blue field tiles that have just a soft wash of color. Or, for a deeper plunge, consider covering the floor in dark blue iridescent mosaic glass tiles to give the impression that you are stepping into a deep blue sea. Prints of friendly sea creatures such as whimsical style crabs, fish and mermaids can adorn the walls to keep the room anchored in the child's realm.

Aquatic Themed Bathroom Resources

There are plenty of places to get inspiration and materials to get the perfect aquatic theme in your bathroom, including:

Embrace the Aquatic Theme

Aquatic themed bathrooms can be wonderful places to let the cares of the day float away. With the soothing colors of water, sand and sea and the natural touches and textures of the aquatic environment, your bathroom will soon be your favorite room in the house to visit. Create your water-based retreat today.

Aquatic Themes for Bathrooms