Baby Room Wall Decals: Types & Buying Options


If you're seeking a quick, versatile solution for an impressive nursery design, then look into baby room wall decals. These reasonably priced pre-designed wall décor items will create a theme or motif that can be changed or updated in minutes. This flexibility is especially important in a baby nursery because the room design may change several times during the transition from infant to toddler to child.

Where to Find Baby Room Wall Decals


A plethora of inexpensive wall decals can be found online and in many home décor retail outlets. You can also find wall decals in the paint or wallpaper section of home improvement stores. Prices vary based on size of the decal, color and composition. Expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $50 dollars for most readymade patterns. Here are a few resources for fabulous baby room wall decals:

  • Wallies - Pre-pasted wallpaper cutouts, murals, borders, and self-adhesive wall decals in baby themes including trains, ocean, flowers, sports and polka dots.
  • Berlin Wallpaper - A large selection of from Priss Prints, IdeaStix, and Walls My Way including items like wall stickers, Room Buddies, wall appliqués, borders, growth charts and murals.
  • Slick Sticks - Contemporary, colorful graphic wall decals which are easily removable.
  • Blik - Funky wall decals that are self-adhesive and removable. Cool options include kids themes, glass sticks, custom designs and color-in icons.
  • Wall Decor Shops - Along with baby room wall decals, this online store carries nursery friendly Wallables™ which are soft three-dimensional wall stickups in a variety of classic and licensed characters, some of which play music when you press on them.

Types of Baby Room Wall Decals

With the boom in do-it-yourself home decorating, there has been a surge in the availability of uncomplicated wall décor accessories. In the past, the main option for fun baby wall graphics was to hand-paint or stencil a design or mural onto the walls. For those who aren't artistic themselves, this meant hiring a decorative painter which can be a budget-buster. Wall decals are an affordable and fast way to replicate the look of expensive murals and hand-painted designs.

The two basic types of wall decals that are currently available include self-stick varieties and pre-pasted wallpaper cutouts. Both of these products come in themed kits with amazing graphics in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are also self-stick wall borders and wallpaper border cutouts which can add charm to any nursery design.


The self-adhesive wall decals are generally removable and repositionable when placed on any clean, smooth surface such as walls or furniture. Self-sticking wall decals are typically made of vinyl or coated paper for durability. Even though these decals are usually easy to remove, it's smart to test your wall surface before applying the product on a long-term basis.

Wallpaper Cutouts

Pre-pasted wallpaper cutouts are the other major type of wall decals on the market. These vinyl-coated wall decals go up much like wallpaper, except that they are much easier to handle and require no measuring or cutting. Just use a little water on a damp sponge to activate the paste and stick them on any smooth surface including walls, tiles, trash baskets, lampshades, and furniture. One thing to keep in mind is that these wallpaper cutouts are made to be semi-permanent with water soluble glue, so you will need to wet them before removing from walls.

Make Your Own Wall Decals

If you want something custom, such as you child's name, an abstract design or a personal design, create your own wall decals from ConTact paper.


  • ConTact paper in the color of finish of your choice
  • Painter's tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Large sheets of paper
  • Hard plastic card such as a credit card


  1. Take a small scrape of the ConTact paper and stick it to an unseen area on the wall. Practice rubbing the paper into the wall with the flat edge of the credit card, smoothing out any air bubbles. Remove the scrape to ensure that no paint comes off the wall with the paper before you commit to the full design.
  2. Sketch out the desired design on the large sheets of paper and cut them out. Tape them to the back side of the ConTact paper and trace and cut around them to transfer your design.
  3. Hold up the cut pieces to the wall and determine where you want them to be placed. Mark these areas with the painter's tape at the edges to form a grid where the pattern will go.
  4. Peel back a small section of the backing from each piece of ConTact paper and press it onto the wall. Use a credit card to rub the vinyl side of the ConTact paper, pressing it firmly into the wall. Peel back more of the backing and continue to rub the vinyl into the wall a little at a time.
  5. Repeat until your design is fully transferred to the wall.

Transform Your Baby's Room

Wall decals are a fun way to add color and personality to any room of the home. When you baby outgrows the design, simply peel them away and update for a fresh, new look. The decals go on in minutes and in one short afternoon, you can add color, design and fun to your child's room. Consider using wall decals in any baby's room decor.

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