4 Stylish Bathroom Decorating Themes: Knowing the Basics


Bathroom decorating themes run from the fun to the fancy and everything in between. Not much help? You can narrow down your search for bathroom decorating ideas by considering who will be using the bathroom, the décor of the rest of your home, and of course, your vision of bathroom nirvana.

Bathroom Decorating Themes - The Basics

The first step in putting some new bathroom décor ideas into action is coming up with a few basic ground rules or desires for you bathroom. These don't have to be complicated and they don't have to require lots of debate, but they will help you end up with a perfect finished product.

Your first consideration has to be who is going to be using the bathroom, or more specifically, if the bathroom will need to be child friendly. Kid inspired themes are a great idea for a child's bathroom, but safety considerations are paramount. Bathrooms can be dangerous places for children, but you can make your room a safe place for the little ones with some clever design ideas. Make sure the tub either has a non slip finish or has slip proof mats installed. Bath mats and rugs around the tub and the sink will minimize the problem of wet floors. Soft toilet seats will stop the slamming of the lids, and shelves or cabinets that are set low will allow the kids to reach the things they need without your help. A step stool is also a good idea for a kids' bathroom, so they can climb up and check themselves out in the mirror without being tempted to try and climb up on counters. For especially little kids, consider installing special "scald proof" faucets.

Also, keep in mind whether the bathroom you are decorating will be shared or for your personal use. Your relaxing bathroom oasis may not play so well in a bathroom that is used by many people, and on the flipside, if your bathroom is for you alone, you have a lot more options when it comes to design.

Last but not least, keep in mind all of the other interior design project basics like melding with the overall style of your home, color considerations and of course, budget.

Bathroom Decorating Themes

When you're ready to put your bathroom decorating plans into action, give these ideas a try:

  • Aquatic Themes - Aquatic inspired design and bathrooms go hand in hand, and aquatic style can be adapted to work for any age group. You can go for a natural, beach house inspired theme with rough wood and neutral colors, an under the sea bright and colorful look, a tiki Hawaiian theme or anything else that says splish splashing fun to you.
  • Perfect for Primping - Teenage girls in particular will love a bathroom that has been turned into their own personal primping palace. Think modern princess inspired décor with girly pink walls and funky borders or tone it down a notch with simple, soft colors, but make sure there is a special make-up mirror installed and plenty of shelf space for lotions and potions. If there is room, a vanity is the perfect finishing touch.
  • Spa Retreat - Make your bathroom your own personal spa. Choose peaceful colors for your walls and accessories and keep the room as clutter free as possible. Scented candles, bath salts, face masks, and your favorite spa treatments are a must for this get-away-from-it-all bathroom.
  • Room to Breathe - Is your bathroom on the small side? Give your bathroom the illusion of elbow room with some clever design tricks. Instead of a sink and cabinet combo, go for a pedestal sink and store your essentials on wall mounted shelves. Swap your door around if it opens into the bathroom, or even better, add a sliding door. Go for light colors in the décor and welcome in as much natural light as possible to keep the room feeling spacious.

Still need a kick to get those creative juices flowing? Don't forget to check out these LovetoKnow bathroom decorating pictures.

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4 Stylish Bathroom Decorating Themes: Knowing the Basics