5 Beach Themed Chandeliers to Bring Sight of the Sea

Cabana Joe's Coral Sunrise Chandelier

An ocean, coastal or beach theme chandelier can be a great decorative accent for numerous decorating styles. From contemporary to cottage coastal to eclectic, a chandelier design inspired by tropical, oceanic elements can be elegant, whimsical and unique.

Styles and Designs

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive accent for a modest, seaside bungalow or an extravagant hanging fixture for a coastal estate, you can find a style of beach-inspired lighting that will blend perfectly with your design.

Seashell Chandeliers

A family owned company located in St. Augustine, Florida, called Atlantic Coral Enterprises, Inc. sells wholesale products made from organic ocean elements such as seashells, starfish and shark teeth. This company has been in business over two decades and sells unique wholesale seashell chandeliers made from hundreds of tiny, individual shells.

You must add an electric lamp cord and light bulb for illumination and the chandeliers are only sold in cases, usually containing four or five. However, the price for each one is very reasonable. You can add a chandelier in every bedroom or make gifts out of the rest.

You can also find seashell chandeliers in a much higher price range at stores like Tuvalu Home Furnishings and Our Boat House.

Bronze and Metal Chandeliers

If you're looking for an upscale, elegant chandelier for a more formal setting, you may opt for a multi-light metal chandelier with a bronze, gold, silver or other metallic finish. These chandeliers feature tropical themes such as pineapples or palm fronds. You can find this style of chandelier at stores such as:

Pendant Chandeliers

A modern or contemporary design scheme is the perfect backdrop for a sleek, pendant chandelier with a nautical or tropical design. A custom print, giclee lampshade and brushed nickel hardware or swag chain give these ultra-chic chandeliers a retro yet modern style.

Shabby Chic and Cottage Chandeliers

A shabby chic or cottage style chandelier is the perfect accessory for a quaint little seaside cottage or any home with this design scheme. A distressed finish or small imperfections typical of handmade décor adds character to this type of chandelier.

While the term "shabby elegance" is often used in this decorating style, don't let the term "shabby" throw you off. The detail and craftsmanship in a custom, handmade seashell covered chandelier makes these fixtures truly elegant.

Look for this style in boutiques, thrift shops, flea markets or online at:

Rustic Nautical Chandeliers

You can find beach themed chandeliers that will work in an exclusive, luxury design setting as well. Rustic driftwood, wrought iron, coral and coconut are just a few examples of the unique materials used to create these chandeliers, which might be found in multimillion dollar yachts and coastal mansions. Some of these lighting fixtures command a high price. However, these chandeliers are more of a work of art.

Beachy Chandeliers Fit Any Style or Budget

No matter what your decorating style is or what kind of budget you have to work with, you can find a beachy chandelier that will make a perfect decorative accent anywhere in your home. From exquisite dining room chandeliers to shabby elegance in a bedroom, these lighting options will add character and warmth wherever you hang one.

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5 Beach Themed Chandeliers to Bring Sight of the Sea