Beaded Curtains for Doorways: Styles, Tips & Guides

Bamboo Beaded Curtain

Whether you are looking for some privacy, a way to cover storage, or just a fun party theme idea, beaded curtains for doorways can accentuate any home. Utilizing these beautiful creations can help personalize and brighten any space.

Considerations When Using Door Beads

Beaded curtains are beautiful and decorative, although there are a few drawbacks to using them in your doorways.


There are several ways to use these curtains both decoratively and functionally in the home. Several advantageous ways to use curtains include:

  • Covering storage area doorways or closets while adding interest to the room
  • Separating rooms from one another for a cozy feel
  • Creating a theme in a child's bedroom
  • Decorating and personalizing a dorm room
  • Creating feng shui in the room by replacing a solid door with one that conducts air and light
  • Creating temporary barriers for a party while providing a festive look
  • Brightening a dark room with light reflecting glass beads in the doorway
  • Retaining privacy while letting in fresh air by hanging in an open front or rear entryway


However, you should also consider the disadvantages of hanging a beaded curtain before committing to this look in a particular location.

  • It does not block sound and only partially diffuses light coming through a doorway.
  • It might easily become bothersome in a high-traffic area.
  • Cats might find it an irresistible plaything and proceed to destroy it, while a dog might be frightened to pass through it.
  • It is not safe for toddlers, who might become entangled in the strands or try to pull the beads off and eat them.

Complementary Decorating Styles

While beaded curtains complement many types of décor, they don't necessarily work with all decorating styles. For instance, door beads would look awkward hung in a Tuscan style kitchen doorway or anywhere in a Colonial style home. However, the following styles can definitely be considered for this accent:


Although almost any material suits this free-spirited decorating style, go for color. Metallic beads, iridescent glass or acrylic beads, rainbow curtains or colorful painted wood beads would all complement Bohemian style, which welcomes unconventional looks, wild patterns, and creative, artistic expression.


Any room decorated with 1960s or 1970s influences makes a perfect fit for door beads. Curtains made from natural materials were very common in this era, such as wood, bamboo and seashells. Macramé beaded curtains were also popular. Acrylic beads in various shapes and sizes in orange, green, red and blue made frequent door accents. Painted psychedelic motifs would work well in a retro room.

Retro Bead Curtains


Any type of beaded curtain works with eclectic style. Tie the curtain in with your decorating scheme by repeating an accent color or using a texture that complements the other décor.

Eclectic Bead Curtains


Hipster style is all about vintage and retro décor, so a beaded curtain is a natural fit. An authentic vintage curtain would be the premium choice of a hipster room, or perhaps a curtain made from re-purposed, thrift store jewelry. An eco-friendly bamboo curtain would also fit with the hipster lifestyle.

Re-purposed Jewelry Beaded Curtain


Modern style rooms typically feature sleek, shiny surfaces, so choose door beads with a lot of shine and sparkle, such as metallic beads, glass beads and acrylic beads. Go for mirrored beads in shapes such as circles, squares, hoops, or bubbles. Look for curtains that form interesting, fluid patterns such as rain, or use a metal chain curtain for an industrial look.

Modern Bead Curtain


Since beaded curtains originated in Asia, they make perfect sense for this style. Bamboo is the bead material of choice, as it grows in many Asian countries. Asian inspired motifs are often painted on the curtains.


Use door beads made from natural materials to embellish a tropical or beach inspired room. Bamboo, wood, coconut shell or seashell beaded curtains make lovely accents and you can often find painted tropical motifs on wood or bamboo curtains. Curtains made with silk leaves complement a tropical room, while blue or green beaded bubbles would make a fun accent in a beach inspired setting.

Where to Buy

Measure the height and width of your doorway before ordering a beaded curtain to ensure you get a good fit. Check out the following online retailers to order your door beads:

  • ShopWildThings - Find hundreds of different beaded curtains made from acrylic, bamboo, wood, PVC, seashells, mirrors, silk leaves, and metal chains. Painted curtains feature motifs such as tropical, Asian, psychedelic, floral, animals, and the American flag.
  • The Bohemian Girls - The beaded curtains here are categorized by color and are made from acrylic and faux pearl beads. They offer extra-long beaded curtains ranging, from eight feet to 30 feet long and also offer curtains made from feathers.
  • eBay - This is a good resource for finding vintage beaded curtains. Other search categories offered include bamboo, clear, crystal, wood, and glass.
  • Etsy - If you're looking for something unique, this is a good place to find handmade, one-of-a-kind beaded curtains you won't find anywhere else, made from a wide variety of materials.
  • Lou Rideou Provencal Boxwood Bead Curtains - These lovely, made-to-order wood beaded curtains are made in France. These are true, artisan home accents made by a handful of French craftsmen. It will take a minimum of two months to produce the curtain once it is ordered.

Make the Curtains

While beaded curtains are available for sale in a multitude of colors, styles and materials, there are some occasions when you may wish to make your own. Curtains that are only to be hung temporarily for a party or curtains for non-standard sized doorways can be easily made at home.

Bead Pattern


  • Curtain rod
  • Brackets to support the rod
  • Thread
  • Beads


If you are making a temporary curtain, simply tie each strand of thread into a loop that will fit over the curtain rod. If this is a permanent fixture, eye hooks, or small metal loops that screw into the curtain rod, will work better. Follow these steps to make the permanent curtain:

  1. Divide the curtain rod into sections 1/2" to 1" apart, depending on how many strands of beads you'd like and the size of the beads.
  2. Screw the eye hooks in at regular intervals.
  3. Tie the ends of your bead strands to the eye hook for a secure and permanent placement.

Beaded curtains can be made in any style or pattern, so try experimenting with pairing different beads together. Some beads are cut to touch one another and fit together nicely on a strand, while others may require you to tie a small knot between each bead. If you aren't sure which look will work best, try purchasing just a few beads to try hanging them from a thread in different ways before purchasing and assembling the curtain.

Decorate Your Doorways

Beaded curtains for doorways can provide a casual, elegant, or thematic touch to any space. Pull colors and materials for the beads from the surroundings in the room; homes with a great deal of wood work, for example, may be complemented by a curtain made of wooden beads. Accent colors can also be pulled from throw rugs and cushions, so let your home be your guide. Use a beaded curtain in any area of the home and give the room a personal and decorative touch.

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Beaded Curtains for Doorways: Styles, Tips & Guides