Beds for Teen Boys: 14 Ideas Fit for Eclectic Styles

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Searching for a bed for teen boys? You've come to right place. Let LoveToKnow Interior Design help you find a bed that you and your teen boy can both agree on, and one that will make the transition from child to young adult easily. Now, as far as getting your teen boy out of bed goes, well, you're on your own.

Purchasing Beds for Teenage Boys

Finding a good quality bed that will last your teen through his remaining years at home that also appeals to his sense of style may seem daunting. Expect to pay from a couple hundred dollars for a simple platform bed to a few thousand for storage beds or loft style beds. If your teenage boy is outgrowing his current twin size bed, look into upgrading to a full or Queen size; most beds aimed for teenagers come in these larger sizes. There are plenty of stores available that offer just what you need including:

Types of Beds for Teen Boys

No matter what your teen's space, style or needs are, there are several types of beds to choose from that can work for you.

Bunk Beds and Loft Beds

Bunk beds and loft beds make great choices beds for teen boys. They're sturdy, practical and come in a wide variety of colors and materials, so they can be a constant in a room that may change styles several times as your teen boy grows. Bunk beds provide extra sleeping quarters for when friends stay over, while loft beds increase storage space and floor space by keeping the bed off the floor. For space challenged rooms, either of these types of bed make sense - tuck a desk under a lofted bed or double up two boys in bunks. Expect prices for bunk and loft beds to start around $600 for a simple model; more complex designs can cost upwards of $3,000.


Futons are a great choice for smaller bedrooms. Your teen boy can make the futon his bed at night and then transform it into a sofa during the day, so he has a seating area in his room. Futons come in an array of materials, colors and style and are functional, yet not fussy - just right for a bed for a teen boy. For parents, the price is right. Futons come in wide range of prices designed to fit just about any budget. When it's time for your teen boy to leave home, futons fit in well in college dorms and first apartments. Futon frames start at under $200, while the mattress starts around $100. Depending on the construction of the frame and thickness of the mattress, you can find some pricey models for a combined $1,000, but most fall into the $500 - $600 range.

Platform Beds

If your teen's style is sleek and contemporary, consider getting a platform bed. Platform beds don't use box springs, so they sit lower to the ground. Find them with simple or ornate frames and in a wide range of prices to fit any budget with prices starting at just $200 and most styles at $500.

Storage Beds

Is your teen boy a collector or bookworm? Consider investing in a storage style bed to give him extra space to display his books or collections. Storage beds have built-in storage units or bookcases at the head of the bed, as well some drawers or storage beneath it. If closet space is tight in the room or your teen just enjoys tossing his belongings in piles, a storage bed may help straighten things out a bit. Storage beds tend to be pricier than other models because of the built-in cabinetry. Expect to have a starting price of at least $800; most are priced around $2,000.

Other Ideas

While there are plenty of bed frame styles designed with teen girls in mind, the way to jazz up beds for teen boys may not be so much about the bed frame as it is about the bed coverings. Let your teen boy express himself by picking out his bedding. Some popular colors for teen boys' rooms are:

  • Navy
  • Red
  • Hunter Green
  • Gold
  • Brown/Tan

Another option for bedding for teen boys is to choose a bedspread that represents a hobby or interest, or that helps create a theme for the bedroom. Ideas include:

  • Camouflage
  • Sports Teams/Sport Themes
  • Hunting Motif
  • Surfing Motif
  • Nautical Motif

These themed bedding choices of course run the risk of falling out of favor with your teenager in a short amount of time, with their rapidly changing tastes. These choices also are not likely to make the transition into adulthood well. If this is a concern, but your teen wants to incorporate some of these elements into their room, consider plain bedding with accent pieces that feature their motif of choice. For instance, pillows that feature their favorite sports teams are easily removed when they decide they want a more "grown up" look for their room.

More Resources

For more ideas to bring the look of teen boys' rooms together, check out these other great LoveToKnow Interior Design resources:

Room to Grow

Remember that your teenager will be leaving home in a few short years. Consider what will be happening to his bed when this happens before you make the purchase. Will he take it with him or will it be left behind to be used for guests? In either case, keep in a mind that a good quality bed with a larger mattress size will get more use down the road than a smaller or poorer quality choice will.

Beds for Teen Boys: 14 Ideas Fit for Eclectic Styles