Beveled Mirror Tiles: Types & Crafty Ideas

beveled mirror tiles

There are many home improvement projects you can do using beveled mirror tiles. They are easy to find and easy to work with.

Types of Beveled Mirror Tiles

There are different sizes and different colors of beveled mirror tiles. You can also find them in different shapes, such as square or round.

Decorating Ideas

Mirror tiles can help you give a room or an object a more ornate, upscale appearance. A beveled mirror tile appears naturally framed by the bevel. You can use these tiles for a number of household projects including:

  • Kitchen or bathroom backsplash
  • Decorative border around the swimming pool or Jacuzzi
  • On the inside of a display case, hutch or bookcase
  • Placed underneath collectible figurines
  • Add to a room screen divider
  • Use to create a mirror tile mosaic on the wall
  • Use tiles to make a border around the top of your bedroom walls
  • Add to a tiled tabletop
  • Add inside the moldings on doors
  • Use to decorate a headboard
  • Add to the ceiling over the bed
  • Use small tiles to cover a jewelry box
  • Decorate a square plastic waste basket

When using mirror tiles in projects such as a backsplash or on the back wall of a bookcase, display case or hutch, you have the option of doing solid mirror tiles or incorporating mirror tiles in a random pattern with ceramic tiles.

This also applies to craft projects or artwork that you incorporate mirror tiles into. Different sized square mirror tiles with bevels can be made into a stunning mirror mosaic. The mosaic can be solid clear mirror tiles, or you can incorporate different textures and colors by adding ceramic tiles or metallic mirror tiles.

When adding mirror tiles to the border of a swimming pool or Jacuzzi, creating a border of solid mirror tiles might be difficult to keep clean. Instead, put random mirror tiles with ceramic tiles. The mirror tiles will still sparkle and catch and distribute sunlight even if there are only a few of them. Random mirror tiles are a great way to add a little bling wherever they are used.

Installing or Applying Mirror Tiles

There are a couple of options for installing mirror tiles. Some tiles have self-adhesive so, you simply have to remove the backing and the tile firmly in place. You can also use a heavy-duty, double-sided mounting tape. A strong craft glue is another option for securely holding mirror tiles in place. Always make sure to press on the edges and the middle of the tile firmly. It's a good idea to wear work gloves when applying mirror tile in case one breaks.

Use a piece of felt to stick to the back of a piece self-adhesive mirror tile. Now you have a beautiful reflective base to set glass figurines or other collectible figurines on. You can also use a mirror tile as a base to set a candle on. The mirror will reflect the candle's light. Use this same method to create mirror tile coasters for drinks. Mirror tiles with a beveled edge work especially well for this.

Personalizing Mirror Tiles

You can personalize your mirror tiles by painting them with glass or pottery paint. It can be as simple as painting the beveled edge around the tile a different color. You can create a marbled effect by adding the irregular shapes and lines of color. Flowers, leaves or vines, scrolling around the border if each tile would look nice. If you have a steady hand you could try painting entire words or groups of words. You could also paint a single letter on each tile to add your name on a door or headboard. Your creative possibilities are endless.

Where to Buy

You can find mirror tiles with beveled edges at the following stores:

Beveled Mirrors for Design Impact

Beveled mirror tiles are great for many different home improvement and craft projects. They help add a little sparkle wherever you use them.

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Beveled Mirror Tiles: Types & Crafty Ideas