9 Black and White Kitchen Ideas for a Stylish Uplift

Black and White Kitchen

Coming up with black and white kitchen ideas is a cinch, no matter whether your style is traditional or contemporary, elegant or informal. The combination of black and white is and has always been popular, and there's no shortage of things you can do to create a gorgeous black and white kitchen

There is a rule in interior decorating that states there should be a bit of black in every room. It has a grounding effect that keeps a room from looking too light and airy. How much black you decide to use when decorating a kitchen is up to you.

Places to Incorporate Black and White Kitchen Ideas


Kitchen counters can be black, white, or both. Granite is one of the more popular choices for counters and it's not difficult to find it in black or white. Often it has streams of the other color running through it. But if granite isn't in your budget you can easily tile a counter-top in either color, or an alternating pattern of both.


In the grand scheme of things, the backsplash is a small area, but the impact it has on the look of a kitchen is huge. It pulls together the counters, cupboards, and appliances. There are a lot more options than there used to be and you can use small tiles, large tiles, subway tiles, a solid piece of granite or marble, and more. A really fun idea in a black and white kitchen is to install a mirrored backsplash. The look is sophisticated and it will reflect the strong black and white contrast already in the room.


When it comes to flooring there are plenty of options in black and white. Solid white or black marble or tiles with a contrasting border is sophisticated. Alternating black and white tiles is a popular, classic look.


Appliances have come a long way and they are readily available in both black and white. The key to creating a uniform look that doesn't feel too busy is to get appliances that are either one or the other. Don't purchase a white fridge and a black stove. Appliances in different colors will create visual clutter.

Window Treatments

Kitchens often have at least one window and as a focal point of the room they're the perfect spot to add a decorative touch. Since big curtains don't really work in kitchens, why not try a simple, streamlined, white roman shade with a contrasting black border? A black grosgrain ribbon would look perfect. You can also do the reverse and have a black shade with a white border. A black and white patterned window treatment is also a fun idea, as it will provide a dramatic focal point.


Don't forget about lighting. Track lighting, pendant lamps, chandeliers, and overhead fixtures all come in black and white. You can either make it blend in by keeping it the same color as the ceiling or have it stand out by using the contrasting color.

Walls and Trim

White walls provide a perfect background for black appliances, counters, and artwork. White walls will keep the room looking lighter, but black walls can also be very sophisticated and sharp. Think about how much light is in the room and what style you're trying to achieve before deciding which color to paint the kitchen.

Cabinets and Hardware

Hardware is small but makes a big difference. It's up to you whether you want them to blend in or stand out. Use one of the two colors or try something a little different like crystal or mirrored cabinet knobs (although keep in mind that the mirrored version will show fingerprints). A little sparkle will add a glamorous touch to the kitchen.


It's been said that "God is in the details", so don't forget about the dishes. Even though they're often hidden in cupboards, dishes still need to fit in. Simple white dishes have been popular for as long as anyone can remember and there's no safer color choice. Food looks best when presented on white dishes, they can be combined with any accessories and will look great, and they're easier to replace than colored dishes if they break.

Learn How to Mix'n'Match

When coming up with black and white kitchen ideas, the key is to avoid adding visual clutter. Mix solids with patterns and try to keep the look grounded. For instance, if you have a patterned floor make sure the counter is a solid color. If the counter is patterned, the backsplash should either match it exactly, or be a solid color. Contrasting patterns will look disjointed. But the most important thing is to fill the room with items you love and design a room that you and your family will enjoy spending time in.

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9 Black and White Kitchen Ideas for a Stylish Uplift