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Best Colors for Bedrooms to Create a Restful Space 

Best Colors for Bedrooms to Create a Restful Space 

Your bedroom is the most important personal space in your home, so choosing the best bedroom color means finding the right one to reflect your own style and needs. Though creating a relaxing retreat vibe for… Keep reading »

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A bedroom design should create a respite that is your personal retreat. Bedroom decorating ideas can guide you in a calming space that offers an aesthetic visual expression of your personal style.

Bedroom Design Made Simple

No matter if you're designing a master bedroom, a guest bedroom, or a bedroom for your children, you can use the same design process. There are a few main components you will address for each bedroom design.

How Can I Design My Bedroom?

One of the easiest ways to pull together a bedroom design is with a theme. You may have chosen a theme for your entire house, but perhaps you wish to use a different one for the master bedroom. Romantic bedrooms, beach themes, safari, or tropical themes are easy to pull together for a cohesive design by working around an aesthetic. You can often discover a color palette guided by the choice of bedroom theme you use.

Choose Your Color Palette

Choosing the color palette for your bedroom begins with one color. The main color you'll use for the predominant color, such as French blue or sea glass green. A secondary color can be used to support the main color, along with a third color for an accent color. These can be subtle colors or bold contrasting like an ocean blue and crisp pure white. The color palette you select should reflect your personal style and taste.

Wall Treatment for Bedroom Design

You may decide to use an accent wall behind your bed for a dynamic and dramatic effect. While painting your bedroom walls is an easy bedroom decorating option, you may prefer wallpaper or stenciling.

Select the Furniture Style and Arrangement

You may also be guided in selecting the bedroom furniture style by the theme you're using. For example, a beach themed bedroom with a sea glass color palette can be completed with the right style of bedroom furniture, especially when you use the type of headboard you want. You need to consider the size of your bedroom and how many pieces of furniture it can accommodate. This way, you'll end up with a balanced bedroom furniture arrangement that gives you the best visual display.

Choose Bedding for Greater Depth of Bedroom Design

You want your bedding choices to provide a layered look of colors and textures. The type of bedding you select can add a great depth to your overall bedroom design.

Window Treatments Another Layer of Color and Texture

The type of window treatment you use can give you another layer of color and texture to your bedroom design. You may use a combination of window treatments to accommodate different times of the day and night, such as plantation blinds and curtains.

Lighting Options for Great Bedroom Ideas

Another layering effect can be done with the lighting options you choose. You can use a table lamp on each nightstand or install a wall sconce on the wall behind each nightstand. Wall sconces on either side of a dresser mirror are a nice touch that frees up the dresser top. A beautiful chandelier overhead light will add a touch of glamour to a bedroom design.

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Your master bedroom should be your retreat from the world. From the color you paint the walls to the bedroom furniture you put in it, your bedroom should relax you, inspire you, and make you feel completely at home.

Kids Bedroom Design

Your children's bedroom should be a place where they can sleep, play, and work in comfort and style. From nurseries geared toward the modern infant to rooms created specifically for boys and girls, let your child's personality shine through in their personal space. Consider the activities taking place there, your child's preferences and habits, to create a sanctuary that keeps them engaged and organized in style.

Teen Bedroom Ideas

Your teenager undoubtedly has some specific bedroom needs of her own. Teenage bedrooms should be well organized, with maximum floor space use and a style that reflects the teen's personality. Whether you're shopping for a new bed or a totally new room design, take your teenager's unique tastes and needs into consideration.

Guest Bedroom Design

A guest bedroom can offer you a different design opportunity. You can enjoy creating a cozy retreat for your guests by adding a few simple creature comforts that don't cost a lot of money, but your guests will appreciate.

Bedroom Design Ideas

There are many bedroom design ideas to help you discover your personal style. Bedroom ideas offer you inspiration and a few guidelines to make bedroom decorating fun and easy.

Bedroom Designs to Fit Any Style