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What Is the Definition of Modern Design?

What Is the Definition of Modern Design?

Modern design encompasses a lot of different incarnations, which can make it difficult to define. In its simplest terms, modern interior design refers to the reflection of the modern art movement on the interiors… Keep reading »

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Changing interior design styles for a room or your entire home infuses new excitement for your living space. Explore these styles to find that special one that speaks to you.

How to Choose Your Style From Interior Design Styles

Narrow your scope of interior design styles by first defining what you want from your interior décor. Do you prefer luxurious ornate interiors, or is functionality your top priority? Each interior design style is associated with a specific era or time. The designs that emerged during each period reflect the social and economic influences that shaped and inspired them. Once you've defined what you want for your home interior, you're ready to explore the different styles to find the one that fulfills your desires.

Step Into Ornate Victorian Interior Style

If your personal style is elaborate ornamentation and intricacy, then you'll fall in love with the Victorian interior design style. Floral wallpapers, rich deep colors, and lots of ornate art objects ushered in this period style mix of Rocco, Gothic, Renaissance, and Elizabethan design influences. Victorians treasured high style that bespoke luxury and wealth.

No Place Like Home With Craftsman Interiors

If you want a feel at home styles, you might find Craftsman interior styles cozy with a homey feel. Craftsman interiors were inspired by design elements using medium to dark stained wood and space-saving, convenient built-ins. This popular bungalow style evolved from the Arts and Crafts movement.

Modern Interior Design for That Cool Look

Modern interiors fall into two design categories. One is mid-century modern from around 1945 until the end of the 1960s. The Modernism Movement birthed this décor style, with many of the designers coming from Bauhaus, the German art school (1919-1933). Modernism attempted to blend functionality, aesthetics, and the mass production brought by the Industrial Revolution. Postmodernism design rebelled against the strict minimalism of Modern design. Postmodernism sought to create whimsical, colorful, extravagant, and often nonsensical interiors that were unexpected and fun.

Retro Interior Design Styles

Retro interior design styles are any designs from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. You can decide which era you would like to feature in your home décor. This may be just a few pieces or you may decide that your family room or game room is the perfect room for a 1950s diner décor.

Scandinavian Clean Lines

The clean lines of Scandinavian décor, especially furniture styles, is a great design style you can blend with a modern décor and vice versa. Scandinavian décors are a great choice for anyone choosing a minimalist lifestyle.

Country Interior Design Styles to Try On

You may like country interior design styles. What better way to find out if you do, than to try on a few to see how they fit your home interior? A little bit of a country décor includes Americana with its patriotic, often rustic motifs. You may discover an infinity with farmhouse style or Primitive country designs. European country is exemplified with fresh English country style and French country style and colors. The ambience of an English garden or French herbal garden brought inside makes your interior endeavors feel natural.

Transitional Interior Style for a Classic Décor

The transitional style is a marrying of traditional and contemporary designs for a style that feels classic, but like a new high style interior design. Most of the transitional décors are conservative in color choices, often favoring monochromatic over contrasting color palettes.

Amazing Choices of Interior Design Styles

There are many amazing interior design styles to answer the desire for a great home décor. You can always mix a few styles together for that ultimate décor look that expresses your individuality and personal style.

Interior Design Styles to Inspire