Holiday and Seasonal Decorating Inspiration

Lovely DIY Autumn Themes for Home Decorating

Lovely DIY Autumn Themes for Home Decorating

Cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice, and vivid color palettes abound--it must be fall! Exciting DIY autumn themes give you some great home decorating ideas that are fun and easy. From iconic pumpkins to brilliant fall-colored… Keep reading »
Dining Table with Autumn Decoration

Holiday decorating is an exciting and fun way to anticipate and celebrate a holiday. Seasonal decorating ideas can inspire you with beautiful or whimsical holiday decorations.

Discover New Holiday Decorating Ideas

You can discover some great seasonal decorating ideas when you turn to nature for live decorations, such as flowers, cedar or pine boughs, leaves, and nuts. You may choose fresh cedar for Christmas holiday decorating. You can make your home or office come alive for the seasonal festivities.

How to Include Nature in Your Decorations

You may be surprised at all the natural items you can find that make great decorations for any of your holiday or seasonal celebrations. You can collect nuts and acorns to fill glass cylinder vases. You can add a few apples and/or oranges and colorful fall leaves.

Flowers Are Beautiful Natural Decorations

Spring and summer flowers can be cut from your garden for fresh bouquets on the mantel, coffee table, and dining table. Magnolia blossoms can perfume the air in your living room with sprigs of leaves and blossoms for a mantel garland, or if you're creative, you can make a natural wreath. Mums are a favorite fall flower that can be used at the front door when placed in pots or on a backyard patio or deck.

Easter Holiday Decorating

Easter decorations give you a welcoming splash of spring colors, decorated eggs, and bunnies. Easter offers several religious decorations you can place as part of your holiday decorations, such as a flower cross on your mantel or as a door wreath. Decorating an Easter egg tree is always a fun activity your family can enjoy together.

4th of July Decorating Ideas

The 4th of July celebration gives you lots of fun ways to decorate indoors and outdoors. You can use the American flag motif with a flag raised on a flagpole, a banner waving from your garden, or a festoon draped over your porch railing. A ribbon wreath made of red, white, and blue is a very patriotic adornment for your front door.

Seasonal Decorating Tips for Centerpieces

A few seasonal decorating tips can help you create the perfect holiday centerpiece. You want to first select the theme that appeals to you. For example, you may decide a snow scene centerpiece will carry your table decorations through Christmas and into New Year's.

Summer Holiday Centerpiece

For summer holidays, like the 4th of July, a creative watermelon centerpiece can be transformed into a decorative serving bowl. You can explore the different ways to display fruits inside a carved out watermelon that is perfect for a patio table or backyard picnic table covered with a gingham tablecloth.

Table Decorating Themes

Your holiday table decorating doesn't stop with just the centerpiece. You want to carry your holiday theme throughout the place settings that include any placemats, tablecloth, plate chargers, china, silverware, and crystal.

Year-Round Seasonal Decorating

There are year-round holiday decorating ideas that you can use to inspire your family celebrations. You may also find seasonal decorating a great way to usher in each season's arrival. Each change of the season has specific decorating motifs and items you can use in your home decorations.

Celebrate Winter's Arrival

After Christmas and New Year's you can decorate your home to celebrate the arrival of winter with some really cool wintry decorations. You may decide that next Christmas your winter decorations will be a great way to expand beyond Christmas and New Year's holidays.

Welcome Spring With Seasonal Decorating

Another seasonal decorating idea is springtime. By the time the first signs of spring arrive, you may be ready to put away your winter season decorations and break out the spring decorations. You have lots of great choices when it comes to spring themes by using beautiful floral arrangements for your dining table, mantel, and other rooms in your home.

Bowls of Fruit and Door Wreath Decorations

The fresh fragrance of fruits in a bowl on the coffee table or dining table bring the spring inside your home. Don't forget to change out your front door wreath, and if you fly banners, it's definitely time to change your front door banner.

Fall Is in the Air

Before you know it, summer gives way, and the season is changing once more. It's time to break out your fall season decorations. From fall colored leaves and a cornucopia centerpiece to pumpkins, the fall season has two major holidays you can decorate for and celebrate.

Holiday Decorating for Halloween

Halloween makes for a fun adventure in decorating. You can use various Halloween motifs, such as the human skull, skeletons, ghosts, and witches. If you like to DIY, you can make some of your own decorations using cutouts. Your children will enjoy making their own Halloween decorations.

Thanksgiving Holiday Decorations

When Thanksgiving rolls around, everyone gets excited over the various celebrations that happen within a few short months. Family Thanksgiving dinner is made extra special even when you use a few decorations. You can bring potted mums indoors to set on the mantel or as a grouping by the hearth. A front wreath made of colored leaves, acorns and apples might be just the style you want. Your front door decorations can travel out into the yard with a basket of pumpkins tumbling out onto a bed of colorful fall leaves.

Holiday Decorating for Your Home

You can collect seasonal decorating ideas so you can plan ahead. You can choose which holiday decorations you want and how much decorating you wish to do.

Holiday and Seasonal Decorating Inspiration