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Special Occasion Decorating

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Special Occasion Decorating

Special occasion decorating ideas take your home from season to season and make special events feel even more exciting. Whether you need centerpiece ideas or design themes for the season, these suggestions are sure to make your home feel magical.

Decorating Ideas for Specific Holidays

If you like to add a splash of holiday spirit to your door or deck out your dining room table for the occasion, there are tons of simple decorating ideas you can incorporate. Don't limit yourself to decorating for just the major holidays. Suggestions for holiday decorating include everything from 4th of July decoration ideas to elegant table decorating ideas for any celebration.

Decorating Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day decorating typically involves using reds, pinks, and hearts. Take your celebration of love to the next level with the perfect Valentines Day table setting for any occasion from proposals to fun couple's parties.

Easter Decorating Suggestions

Whether you've got kids in the house or not, Easter decorating ideas are fun and can be left up throughout spring as a celebration of the season. Easter table decorations span styles from traditional to whimsical and include everything from plastic eggs to bunny and carrot salt and pepper shakers.

Decorating Ideas for Halloween

Halloween decorations can be creepy, funny, and even Victorian. Look for Halloween decorating ideas that match your personality and your home. To get the full effect of this spirited holiday, choose a theme such as a mad scientist lab or a cemetery then match your indoor and outdoor decorations to the theme.

Thanksgiving Decorating Suggestions

Thanksgiving is all about celebrating the bounty of the season and your gratitude. Think about what the holiday really means to you then choose Thanksgiving decorating ideas that incorporate these ideals. Since the holiday centers on a huge dinner party, you can start with Thanksgiving table decorations like leaves, turkeys, or thankfulness quotes.

Decorating Ideas for Christmas

Whether you want to decorate your office for Christmas or decorate your home for the holidays, the suggestions will be similar. Most Christmas decorating themes include specific holiday color combinations like silver and gold or red and green. You can carry this color scheme, or theme, onto your table with Christmas table settings perfect for any type of holiday meal from brunch to dinner.

Decorating Ideas for Specific Seasons

Seasonal decorating is great if you like your home to look festive, but don't have time to put up and take down decorations for every holiday.

Make Your Space Special

Taking cues from the seasons or holidays to create a stunning decorative home makes your space feel special. Changing small details such as accessories or on big element like the wall color on a semi-regular basis can also give new life to your space.

Special Occasion Decorating