Choosing & Finding Cheap Wallpaper Borders for Any Room

Add a border to create depth and enhance overall room design.

Cheap wallpaper borders don't have to look cheap. You can find some great deals that can cut the cost of wallpaper borders while still giving your rooms a great look.

Design Approach to Selecting a Border

Any design or decorating project you undertake should be planned and executed with a specific design goal in mind.

As always whenever starting a design or decorating project, you need to decide on the theme, overall style and color(s) of your room. If you take this approach, you'll discover built-in limitations that ultimately assist you in narrowing down the thousands of pattern choices.

You'll want your border to match, or at least blend, with the patterns and colors in your draperies, rugs and furniture. If your draperies are made from a stripe pattern, consider a floral or multi-colored border to contrast with the draperies and upholstered furniture. Choose a pattern for your border that will complement you homes architecture overall room designs.

Living Room or Den

If you're like most families, your living room is your den and where most of the family activity takes place. Don't forget that this room makes a great place for a border.


Kitchen borders and range from typical kitchen motifs of fruit and vegetable to florals, plaids and country scenes.

Dining or Breakfast Room

Romanticize your dining room with the right wallpaper border. Make your dining room have a traditional feel or if casual living is your lifestyle select a pattern just right for your family.

Laundry Room

Spruce up your laundry room with a decorative and cheap wallpaper border.

Master Bathroom

Add a border for a design pop in the mater bathroom.

Adding a border is simple and doesn't require a lot of work.

Master Bedroom and Other Bedrooms

You can add a border to your bedroom to introduce another color or simply to enhance the theme and give greater design interest.

Children's Bathroom

There are many cute and whimsical borders for children's bathrooms.

Baby's Nursery Borders

There are many styles, colors and types of borders to choose from for your baby's nursery. The hard part will be selecting just one.

Boy's Room

You can transform a bedroom into a boy's room with a border and window treatment.

Girl's Room

Choose a feminine theme or go with a tomboy look. A girl can have it all with the right border.


The playroom is a great place to add a border to give depth and highlight colors.

Online Cheap Wallpaper Borders Resources

There are many cheap wallpaper stores available online. Consider buying from a store that specializes in discontinued patterns, just be sure to buy extra in case you ever need to replace or repair.

Deciding Which Border To Use

Take your time in making your selection. Many stores allow you to check out samples or online stores will mail you samples for a nominal fee. You have thousands of choices of cheap wallpaper borders that look expensive and very stylish.

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Choosing & Finding Cheap Wallpaper Borders for Any Room