7 Unique Christmas Decorating Themes for a Merry Holiday

Silver Christmas Ornament

Choosing a Christmas decorating theme doesn't have to be complicated. The best decorating tip is to stick with a simple material or color choice and then repeat it all over the house. It's that simple!

Themes by Material

One way to create a Christmas decorating theme is to choose one type of material and then decorate with it as much as possible. It doesn't have to be the only material you use, but it should be the primary material in your holiday decorating scheme.


Pinecones are traditional fall and winter decorating items that look great when used in Christmas decor.

  • Make a pinecone wreath and hang it on the door or over windows and mirrors.
  • Fill clear glass vases with pinecones and display them on surfaces all around the house.
  • Tie some together with pieces of evergreen or flower blossoms and place at intervals up the stair railings.
  • Create garlands and drape them over windows and around stairs.
  • For a twist on the traditional, try spray-painting them. Silver and gold pinecones are definitely festive.


Cranberries are wonderful items to decorate with and the possibilities are endless. Their rich, red color makes them perfect for Christmas décor.

  • String cranberries to make garlands and wrap them around hanging light fixtures, stair railings, and around windows.
  • Glue cranberries to Styrofoam cones to make topiary "trees".
  • Fill a clear glass vase about a third of the way with cranberries and then place a candle inside. Use large ones as centerpieces, or group several small ones together on tables, windowsills, or mantels.
  • Attach berries to Styrofoam balls to make ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree or to balance on top of candlesticks.


Traditional holiday flowers such as poinsettias are commonly used at Christmas, but you can also create a theme using other types of flowers. Take roses for example. You can create wonderful festive centerpieces using red and white roses. Put them in a silver champagne bucket for an elegant and sophisticated look, or for something more fun and casual put them in a glass vase that has red and white candy canes glued around the outside.

Roses also look great when tied in small bouquets with evergreen and pinecones. They can be displayed in small vases and placed on tables (a row of them running the length of the dining table looks beautiful) or along stair railings.

Wreaths made of rose blossoms are quite stunning. They tend to be on the expensive side, so if you don't want to spend the money take a simple pine or evergreen wreath and place a few blossoms strategically throughout.

Christmas Decorating Themes by Color

If decorating with one particular item isn't your thing, try creating a theme using colors. Simply choose a color scheme and stick to it.

Traditional Color Schemes

There are certain color combinations that are popular in Christmas decorating, and finding suitable decorations is a snap. Combinations such as red and green; silver and blue; and burgundy and gold are always popular. A visit to any store that sells Christmas décor will result in some good finds.

Non-traditional Color Schemes

When it comes to choosing a Christmas color scheme don't be afraid to think outside the box.

  • Black and white can look great around Christmastime. While people don't often associate black with the holidays, it can be very sophisticated when used properly. Mixed with silver or white, black ornaments can be very elegant. As more and more people are trying out different holiday color schemes, black holiday decorations are getting easier to find.
  • Purple is a really fun color to use around the holidays. It's particularly great because it can be mixed well with more traditional Christmas colors such as silver and gold. There are many ornaments available in purple, but when it comes to other items you might have to get a bit more creative.
    • Think about getting a purple feather wreath to hang on the door for a fun and festive look.
    • Purple flowers can be displayed all over the house.
    • You can also purchase purple ribbon to add little embellishments around the house. Tie small pieces around candlesticks, or use double sided tape to add ribbon to lampshades. You can also have long pieces of ribbon hanging down from chandeliers that are centered over tables (it's a fun alternative to traditional table centerpieces).
  • Citrus colors can be tons of fun when used around the holidays. Lime green, orange and yellow will add instant cheer to any room.
    • Use limes oranges and lemons in your décor. Fill a bowl with them or make a wreath.
    • Try sticking cloves into oranges and then place them in a bowl near the front door. Guests will be treated to a spicy scent as soon as they enter.
    • Like with the purple scheme, use ribbons to add festive cheer all over the house.

    When it comes to color combinations, the sky is the limit. The key is to choose a scheme and then stick with it.

    Christmas decorating themes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Don't feel that you have to be limited by traditional Christmas imagery. If a house full of Santas or candy canes isn't for you, try using different colors and materials. The key to creating an effective theme is repetition. Whether you're using pinecones, flowers, particular colors, or something else altogether, remember to use it all over the house.
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