Common Themes for Teenage Bedrooms With a Timeless Feel

Teen Bedroom

Common themes for teenage bedrooms can range from kitsch to modern to classic in style. You and your teen can have oodles of fun exploring the design options. Work on a compromise when your design tastes clash and check out this article for more help with teen rooms.

Designs Tailor-Made for Young Adults

Teens today have a more sophisticated decorating palette than many of the generations that have come before them. One reason is that more design choices are available in all price points, so many parents are able to make teenage bedrooms more than just functional spaces. Another reason today's teens increasingly want a space that showcases their personality is that they are comfortable with a myriad of customizable devices, such as iPods, cell phones and personal computers. Popular colors for teen girl rooms:

Boy's room
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Turquoise
  • Orange
  • White

Popular colors for teen guy rooms:

  • Navy
  • Sky Blue
  • Gray
  • Khaki
  • Red

Surf's Up

A fun, relaxed motif that teens love is a beach or surfing theme. This style usually features Hawaiian motifs, like flower or palm tree fabrics, Tiki material, ukuleles and bamboo. Beach elements and images will pull together the theme. Of course, images of surfboards or actual surfboards worked into the room are the perfect touch. Mounting a surfboard on the wall is an entertaining way to make a headboard, fill up a large empty wall or make a storage shelf. Other well-liked contemporary sports are skateboarding, snowboarding and motor cross.


Using camouflage fabrics as bedding or window treatments is a funky idea that is popular with teens today. Camouflage material can be found in traditional military colors or more colorful palettes like blue or pink. A mosquito net canopy would be a cool addition to this theme for teenage bedrooms. Accessories that can be included are camouflage netting on windows or ceilings, ammo cans for storage and helmets or canteens as wall art. Check out your local Army-Navy or military surplus store for inexpensive items to make this look complete.

Girl's Room

Girls Only

Girls have plenty of preferences when it comes to common themes for teenage bedrooms. One fashionable theme is a French or glam inspired style that features curvy wood or iron furniture with satiny fabrics and velvet touches. Other jewel box elements of a glam room are glittery accents like a small chandelier with drop crystals, mirrored furniture pieces and beaded fringe. For even further luxury, add a throw or a few pillows covered in soft faux fur.

Modern and Funky

For a look almost any teen will endorse, consider a modern style room that features a few artsy or even funky elements. This theme can involve bright colors and geometric shapes or patterns. Metal furniture works well in this up-to-date room design. Brushed nickel bed frames or loft inspired furniture are good choices. Metal locker systems, like the those from ArtMetal, or metal shelves that double as storage and wall art are a functional solution that can be found in a range of colors.

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Remember the Passage of Time

As always when decorating a bedroom for a child or teenager, keep in mind that your teen will grow. Her tastes may change as she approaches adulthood and you may end up converting this room to a guest room as she leaves for college. Keep the wall colors solid and make sure to keep the themed accessories to those that can be easily changed out for more adult styles. In the end, the bedroom should be a place your teen can feel comfortable both now and when they return home in years to come.

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Common Themes for Teenage Bedrooms With a Timeless Feel