Contemporary Bedroom Design: Getting the Clean Look Right


Contemporary bedroom design is perfect for people who want a clean, streamlined, modern look for their room. Bedrooms are supposed to be the most relaxing room in your home - they are your sanctuary and your peaceful escape from the rest of the world, and one way to make sure they really impart that feeling is through careful interior designs. Just the right interior design touches will have the effect of peeling the stress away as soon as your enter your bedroom, and contemporary bedroom design naturally incorporates all of the elements suggested by interior design experts to make your bedroom calm and inviting. If you have a busy, modern lifestyle, make your bedroom into your contemporary relaxation spot from the bustle of the world.

About Contemporary Bedroom Design

Many people shy away from the idea of contemporary design because they have a preconceived notion that it is cold and mechanical. While it is true that contemporary design turns its back on the traditionally home features of, say, English country style design or Country Farmhouse style interior design, it does not have to be like walking onto the set of The Jetsons. What contemporary design is really all about is streamlining design so that there is a minimum of fuss, with the idea that this new, simpler environment will be more comfortable. That is why a bedroom is a great place to experiment with contemporary design ideas. The whole idea behind contemporary design is to create a peaceful, stress free environment, which is just the kind of room you want your bedroom to be! If you're ready to give contemporary bedroom design a shot in your room, these ideas will get you started:

Choose the Right Colors

Forget the rich reds or cool blues and greens often utilized in other bedroom design styles. In contemporary design, color is muted, natural, and unobtrusive. Think of colors like beige, taupe, or soft grays for your walls. For your bedding, these colors work well also, or you might consider browns, tans, mauves, or even white. If you want to add a splash of color, consider including a few decorative pillows in colors your like, but keep in mind that the idea is to keep the color soft - a background feature, and not something that will stimulate you.

Lose the Carpet

One way to give your room a real contemporary feel is to get rid of the carpet in favor of hardwood floors. If possible, rip up your carpet and sand your floors in your area. A light wood finish is ideal for keeping with the modern theme, but ultimately it is a matter of personal taste. Warm things back up a bit by adding a few area rugs in soft, muted colors as discussed above, to your space.

Simplify your Furniture

Large, garish carved wood wardrobes and dressers or four poster beds are out of place in contemporary design. Look for small furniture pieces in light wood finishes, or alternatively, look for furniture with shiny metal pieces. The corners of the furniture should be pointed. For your bed, look for one without posts and either with no headboard or a very small one with a straight line top.

The Finishing Touches

Clutter is the enemy of contemporary style interior design, but that doesn't mean you have to skip the accessories completely. Mirrors and glass pieces make a great addition to a modern room, as do funky floor lamps. For a modern spin on wall art, try painting a canvas in one hue to give your room a bold shot of color. Strike a balance between accessorizing and keeping the design simple and refined, and you'll be right on the money.

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Contemporary Bedroom Design: Getting the Clean Look Right