How to Decorate With Contemporary Wall Mirrors

contemporary wall mirrors

Contemporary wall mirrors steer away from the traditional look of wood frames and instead embrace a variety of materials and styles.

Why Choose Contemporary?

Contemporary is often used in the same context as the word "modern", and indeed the term contemporary is certainly the opposite of antique. However, contemporary simply can't be summed up with one or two words. Just what is contemporary? Depending upon your taste, contemporary wall mirrors can be starkly unique or beautifully inspiring. You may prefer a sleek, modern look, or you may find that your heart yearns for something more eclectic and wild.

Decorating with Contemporary Wall Mirrors

How do you decorate with contemporary wall mirrors? It's actually easier than you might think! No matter where you place the mirrors, you can create a modern, contemporary look by giving new life to large spaces or adding the illusion of more room to smaller areas. Many people use mirrors in place of art, and in fact, strategically hung mirrors can take on the look of an artistic collection, adding beauty and style to any room in your house. To take full advantage of the special effect mirrors can have on a room, consider the following:

  • Focus on the light-Using their reflective qualities, mirrors can enhance the airiness of a room, casting accents in specific areas by reflecting particular pieces within that room, such as beautiful furniture, plants, and decorative accessories. Mirrors can also brighten a dark corner or an entire room. Placing lamps so that they reflect off the mirror casting light into the far corners of an otherwise dim room can also create a feeling of openness and light, and this can play up areas of a room that are normally not noticed.
  • Accent a room's features-This is easy to do with mirrors. For example, by placing a larger mirror above a fireplace, the room is automatically opened up. Large mirrors can be the focus of one particular wall, reflecting the furniture and accessories nearby.
  • Balance windows-Placing mirrors between smaller windows can give the illusion of a larger window, opening up the wall and creating the feeling of a more spacious room.
  • Divide a room-Purchasing a mirrored room divider, and dividing specific areas of a room or placing the screen in one corner can create the feeling of two rooms instead of one.
  • Open the ceiling-No longer are mirrored ceilings banished to the bedroom. Open up a room by placing a large mirror on the ceiling, making the room look and feel even larger.
  • Open up shelves and cabinets-Place mirrors at the back of shelves and cabinets. This is great for covering up ugly walls or paint jobs. Mirrored cabinets can really bring in to focus that beautiful china, pottery, or glassware that you want in the open?not hidden.
  • Create a classy backsplash-Use mirrors in place of tile for a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Thinking about Feng Shui-Many people rely on the principles of Feng Shui when decorating. To read more about Feng Shui and mirrors, visit this site.

Where To Shop

Finally, contemporary mirrors can be found in a variety of stores, from department stores to building supply warehouses. Custom ordering mirrors is another option that many people explore. This is a great choice if you have an area of your house that needs a mirror in a particular shape or size, or if you have a design in mind that you'd like see echoed in a contemporary mirror. You can also find a large selection of contemporary wall mirrors online, at places like the following:

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How to Decorate With Contemporary Wall Mirrors