12 Breathtaking Floral Design Ideas for Your Table

Inspired Floral Design


Cool floral designs like this one gives a dreamy romantic setting to your dining table. The size of this arrangement allows you to repeat it down the table center with identical arrangements. The vase shape repeats the wine goblet shapes.

Use silk flowers to make permanent arrangements or fresh cut flowers from your garden. Baby's breath and lavender ribbons give these arrangements an elegant touch.

Use this for a wedding rehearsal dinner centerpiece, an anniversary dinner, or a fun evening with special guests. You can give the arrangements to guests as favors.

Breath of Fresh Air


Yellow roses, yellow peonies and lilac blooms make a wonderful centerpiece for your coffee table or any side table.

This heavy clear glass vase allows the stems to become a design element.

New Life for Watering Can


This is a low-cost great look and one you can create with a favorite container.

The design in this photo was created by painting a watering can to give it a distressed look.

If you have an old watering can that you'd like to recycle, give it a coat of paint that goes with your room décor and then add flowers.

Spring Blooms


This arrangement has a traditional shape. The whimsical shapes and use of colors give the arrangement a sense of renewal.

Column floral designs with springs of green and baby's breath scattered throughout the arrangement accents the first blooms of spring.

Coffee Mug Arrangement


The teacup or coffee mug design creates a smaller arrangement for a desk or side table.

You can always paint and decorate the coffee mug to match your décor. You'll want to have at least one flower the same color as the container.

If your container has multiple colors then select one to three colors to repeat in your flower choices.

You want to create interest and continuity, yet also maintain a little contrast between the flowers and the container.

A solid color cup, like the one in this arrangement is just as significant to the overall design as the coffee cup shape.

Dramatic Candle and Flowers


This low height floral arrangement is perfect for a dining table. The combination of the candle and the flowers is a great way to use two very different elements to create a romantic arrangement. Notice the vase is white with blue design. The white is repeated with the column candle and white roses. A touch of blue picks up the blue in the bowl-shaped vase. Purple flowers are prominent and a touch of yellow make this a very interesting design.

The most unusual greenery used in this arrangement is the cedar sprigs. You can duplicate this design or create your own by using greenery from the shrubbery and trees surrounding your home.

Urn Arrangement


When you want to create a permanent arrangement, this design style fills the bill.

This classic urn container is large enough to accommodate more than one plant and also make room for flowers that you can change out whenever fresh ones are needed.

This arrangement uses Easter Lilies with dead sprigs of vines for artistic flair.

Brilliant Flowers


A colorful array of dahlias and chrysanthemums makes this floral design brilliant. What makes it so striking is how the flowers are contained.

A large florist sponge is soaked in water and covered with leaves. The flower stems are inserted directly into the form, allowing them to be placed so they create a rounded effect.

A small refillable saucer is hidden beneath the camouflaged florist sponge. The rounded shapes of the flowers reinforces the overall round shape of the floral arrangement.

Summer Garden


The tall white cylindrical vase fades into the background giving this arrangement a dramatic presence in any room.

The large sunflowers and roses are balanced by the shapes and sizes of the smaller flowers, making a contrasting and interesting design.

The greenery, which is made from long leaves, creates a skirt effect beneath the flowers, imitating a garden bed of plants and flowers.

Striking Orange


A striking use of color, form and texture, this floral arrangement is simple yet elegant. The orange vase is a sleek modern shape and introduces a ribbed effect. What makes this such a striking arrangement is the use of color and basic design principles of odd numbers.

The three darker flowers with light yellow centers frame the two lighter flowers. The staggered height of the flowers creates a flow of color that draws your attention up the arrangement.

The two lighter flowers repeat the colors found in the vase and tie the design together. The overall sense of movement and color makes this simplistic floral design perfect.

Bird of Paradise


This is a fun arrangement. The vase is very eye-catching.

The globe form and green frosted glass finish immediately draw your attention then allow your gaze to travel over the arrangement.

Colorful exotic bird of paradise flowers are mixed with plants that resemble pineapple stems, sprigs of long grasses and waxy leaf greenery make this a design for a romantic tropical evening.

Cool Floral Designs


This chef centerpiece makes you wonder if these are really flowers or a showcase of the culinary skills of an artist chef.

The iron tray is a perfect container made of the same rustic material as the rods framing the plate.

Cabbage plants and roses mixed with a wide variety of exotic flowers and blooming succulents give the feeling of an underwater seascape.

The rustic rods rise from the design forming stylized curls like sea plants swaying underneath the ocean.

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12 Breathtaking Floral Design Ideas for Your Table