13 Cool Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Every Personality

Blue Summer


To give your bedroom a larger feel, use the designer technique of raising the drapery rod above the windows. Take advantage of longer and fuller draperies while creating a higher ceiling effect.

The splashes of blue repeat the colors throughout this room. The wicker chair and blue pillow are perfect for a beach decor.

This room can be recreated by adding special accent pieces to your bedroom. A glitzy chandelier and a mirrored table that can double as a desk help set the stage. The crystal blue candelabra is a perfect whimsical and ultra chic accent piece for this design of casual elegance!

Go Nautical

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Any sea-loving teenage boy will jump on board with this bedroom design! Use a striped blue comforter and add red accent colors.

  • Print and frame signal flags to group above the bed or over a desk.
  • Plantation shutters provide a white contrast against deep blue walls.
  • Opt for chair and bench slipcovers for easy machine washing.
  • Repurpose old suitcases or a trunk for beside tables.
  • A durable sisal rug is a must.
(Behr paints used: Daring Indigo 600D-7, Delicate Lace UL130-12, Igloo 760E-1)

Pale Green Whimscial Fun


This room features a refurbished bed, painted in a pale green hue with a whimsical gold twist for the bedposts finials. The gold accents are repeated in the lingerie chest drawer pulls, candlestick and curtain tie-back.

The clever use of wallpaper patterns fit together like decoupage and are accented with plaid curtain room dividers. Accent pillows, colored vases and mini-bedside lamps tie all of the colors together.

The candle chandelier and wall scone add a charming ambiance to a fun room design.

Earth Tones


You can't go wrong with this bedroom design for any young man who likes the outdoors.

The color palette of green, brown and russet offers a wide range of hues for this decor. An espresso color used for the nightstands and wicker plant baskets lends an earthy depth to the room design.

Valanced Roman style bamboo shades are the perfect woodsy window treatment , while two-tone walls are separated by a wide chairrail to create interest in the room. Add a few naturescape paintings or favorite photos of your outdoors guy to reflect his interests.

Lavender Dreams


This design concept uses color to break up a large wall space by creating a broad lavender and white stripe effect.

Very tall windows can create design problems, but this window treatment offsets the massive vertical swath of color. A large pattern like the floral print used for the draperies and comforter widens the windows and opens the space. Using hot pink as an accent color draws the eye deeper into the room design and encourages further exploration.

The platform bed and ottoman bring attention back to the floor space and ground the design.

Wall Stripes Enlarge Room


Horizontal stripes painted along the upper portion of these walls give the illusion of a larger bedroom.

Custom-painted stripes travel around the room. The wall behind the bed is painted a lighter hue as an accent wall.

Black is used as an effective accent color and repeated in the bed frame, throw, nightstand, picture frame, desk and chair and even the telescope. A contrasting horizontal stripe fabric is used for the valances with white mini-blinds finish off the window treatment.

Sandy-colored carpeting completes the feel of a beach house for a great teen bedroom design.

Colors that Pop

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Wall art is used in various mediums to add fun, whimsy and color. Room depth is created with white walls accented by a pink stripe that travels up the wall and across the ceiling. Door frames are highlighted with a purple hue that's repeated in the flower stencil wall decals.

Black and hot pink accent colors backdrop an array of colors like the circle cutouts grouped over the bed and splashes of pillow color.

Revive a tired old desk with hot pink paint and add a black modern desk chair. Stackable cubbies are a versatile feature that can be reconfigured whenever a change is desired.

(BEHR Colors used: Lizard Breath T11-11, Harajuku Girl T11-12, Fuji Snow T11-13, Kawaii T11-14, Pinkelicious T11-15)

Word Art and Color


Color is the main design feature of this room. You can transform a yellow or beige room by adding an accent wall. Red was chosen for this accent wall along with its complementary color green (color opposite on a color wheel) for the comforter and throw pillows.

Blue facade drawers on the nightstand and blue throw pillows repeat the word art colors. Unique bedside lamps offer additional interest while trophies and accent pieces repeat the blue accent color.

The teenager's interest in skating is conveyed with painted word art on the accent wall behind the bed and the wood slat headboard.

Stripes and Florals


A blend of floral and stripes make this a fun teen room with hot pink, cylinder-shaped, modern-style bedside floor lamps.

The same floral drapery fabric is used to create throw pillows for the bed. Careful attention to the green, pink and brown color palette was paid in selecting the artwork of a floral print on the wall above the bed.

This attic space affords a large teen room that includes a cool lounge area. A glimpse of this adjoining area reveals the repetition of the stripe fabric used in several throw pillows and solid brown pillows added. Pale green wallpaper with a subdued pattern graces the wall behind the bed and a corresponding green circle pattern adorns the large wall of windows in the lounge area.

Steel Blue


An industrial steel and blue bed gives this teen room a space-age ambiance.

The use of a stripe blue and green comforter and matching throw pillows sets the color scheme with the wall behind the bed painted as a gray accent wall. Extra storage is provided with the over-the-bed cubby shelves that are painted white.

Window treatments include plantation shutters for the side panel windows and navy blue draperies with a top white banding for the larger windows. The front facing of the nightstand drawer is painted an industrial blue to continue the theme while the floors are carpeted with a waffle weave to add texture and comfort to the floorspace.

Flower Time


Go with an airy floral room design with lavender accent colors. The window height is expanded with draperies installed at ceiling height. The floral pattern is highlighted with a purple ruffled hem along the gathered valance.

A purple lined comforter is draped over the bed topping the green banded bedskirt. Colorful throw pillows add interesting stripes and additional patterns.

The choice of French Provincial furniture is decidedly feminine and perfect for a teenage girl. The vanity bench in a white, pink and green stripe with purple bolster pillows adds a nice contrasting fabric with the feel of a window seat.

Cool Room


The first design feature that stands out in this unique teen room are the tiny LED recessed lights in the ceiling.

Instead of being placed in rows, the lights are arrange to mimic a string of lights. Closer examination reveals a curved blue-edged panel with recessed lights. The curved panel is suspended above the bed in canopy style.

Green pleated lightweight fabric covers the windows and the same fabric is suspended from industrial wire to create a free flowing art effect. The fabrics can be changed out with other fabrics or even unframed canvas paintings your teen creates.

The headboard is made from a painted burlap fabric screens with brass hinges that are attached to the wall. A platform bed frame is covered in a faux white leather fabric to add texture to the design.

Consider adding a green patterned area rug over the hardwood floors for additional texture and color repetition.

Pink and Yellow Design


This picture perfect room pops with deep rose colored walls and ideally matched fabrics. Two-fabric yellow draperies cover the double doors leading into the backyard garden. A gold fringed fabric is sewn as an attached overlay valance to the yellow and rose medallion patterned draperies.

The white caning-paneled bed stands out as an accent color that's repeated in the carved relief frame of the mirror. A simple white metal table has been repurposed as a nightstand.

The bedside chair is painted in an antique yellow finish with a zigzag pink fabric upholstery. One of the pillows matches the draperies fabric while the other pillow matches the throw pillows placed on the bed. White linens serve as a backdrop to the zigzag bed throw. The fabric repeats the inner border design of the custom area rug.

Now that your teenager has some inspirational ideas for bedroom designs, how about a few great ideas for your master bedroom?

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13 Cool Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Every Personality