Cornucopia Fall Decorations: Simple and Sweet DIY Ideas


Cornucopia fall decorations can dress up a room on many more occasions than just Thanksgiving.

About the Cornucopia

The cornucopia, also known as the horn of plenty, is a symbol of food and abundance dating all the way back to the 5th century BC.

A cornucopia is usually a wicker basket shaped like a horn and filled with fruits and vegetables. It is used as a decoration for fall harvests and therefore frequently associated with Thanksgiving.

Make Your Own Cornucopia Fall Decoration

Starting in September, it is easy to find cornucopia decorations in stores. However, it is easy and fun to make your own. You can buy an empty wicker horn at an arts and craft store or just pick up a cone shaped basket and bend the end slightly. Place the empty horn on a tray or platter so you can easily move it once it is filled.

You can create a basic cornucopia with fruits and vegetables. The bright colors and shapes of the different ingredients will make the cornucopia pretty. Or you can add some glitz to your cornucopia by spraying glitter on the horn or fruits. Mix in some metallic confetti and gold or silver branches from a crafts store.

How to Fill Cornucopia Fall Decorations

Fill your cornucopia with a variety of colorful items. Some ideas include:

  • Autumn leaves: You can buy silk or paper leaves at an arts and crafts store. You can also gather them from your back yard. Choose bright reds, yellows and oranges to bring some vibrancy to your arrangement.
  • Raffia: Buy some raffia and mix it with the leaves and lay them flat against the part of the cornucopia that is touching the tray. This will create a nice bed for the fruits and vegetables to rest in. It will also create visual interest by adding a variety of heights to the content.
  • Evergreens: Cut some evergreens from a tree or shrub or pick some up at the florist. Add them to the mix of raffia and leaves for some contrasting colors.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Choose a selection of colorful gourds and vegetables including some small pumpkins and squash and place them in the cornucopia. Add pomegranates, small apples, and peppers to the mix.
  • Ears of corn: Add some colorful Indian corn to your cornucopia.
  • Nuts and berries: Finish the cornucopia with a mix of nuts and cranberries to fill in the small spaces.

Where to Place Cornucopia Fall Decorations

Cornucopia fall decorations make beautiful centerpieces. They are more interesting than a bouquet of flowers. The scent of flowers might also compete with the scent of a meal. Cornucopias won't cause that problem. Place them in the middle of the dining room or kitchen table. If table space is tight, then you can use the cornucopia to dress up a sideboard, credenza or bar. Don't limit these beautiful designs to the table. They also make stunning focal points for a fireplace mantel. Place candles on either side to add some elegance.

A fresh cornucopia will usually last about two weeks so you can enjoy their natural beauty for days.

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Cornucopia Fall Decorations: Simple and Sweet DIY Ideas