Country Home Decor Accessories: Finding Shopping Options


Casual and inviting, country home decorating makes your abode the kind of place that family and friends love to kick back in. This style of interior design is simple and homey and almost anything goes. Find out where to look for for lovely country style accessories for your home.

Where to Find Country Home Decor

Country design really comes together with the use of accessories. Unlike some design styles, which take the less is more approach, you can go as wild as you like with accessories in country style. Lots of wall art, figurines, pillows, throw rugs, quilts, candles - anything you like, really - will only help give your home the lived in look that country design is made for.

Local Shopping Options

  • Search your own storage: When you're redecorating your home in country style, the first place you should go shopping is your attic, garage, storage space - anywhere you have old odds and ends. Family heirlooms are ideal for this kind of décor, and again, don't let a few scratches or imperfections stop you from using a piece you really love.
  • Scour secondhand resources: You can also score big time by checking out estate sales, auctions, local antique shops, and don't forget to check eBay for great Americana accents.

Online Shopping Resources

The following websites may also help you cross things off your shopping list:

  • Classics and Country - A big part of country design is kitting your home out for the holidays, and Classics and Country has the accessories you need for every season.
  • Rustic Decorating - Rustic Decorating is good for nostalgic accessories, and additionally, they have a good selection of furniture to complete country interior design.
  • Piper Classics - For country style with a twist, check out Piper Classics for everything from rugs to potpourri, plus great sales and special prices.

Your Country Home Decorating Ideas

Collecting country style accessories for your home is an ongoing process to savor and enjoy. This is your chance to put your own stamp on your décor, so don't be afraid to stock up on your favorite pieces and to keep on adding to your home as time goes on.

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Country Home Decor Accessories: Finding Shopping Options