12 Country Style Bathroom Decor Ideas to Make a Rustic Space

Country Style Bathroom

There are many trends in bathroom decorating, and country style bathroom décor is one of the most popular.

Even though it's usually the smallest room in the house, decorating the bathroom is just as important as decorating any other room. If it's a country style you're after, there are plenty of ways to achieve the look.

Country style means different things to different people, but everyone can agree that it has a rustic and comfortable quality to it. Country decorating tends to bring the outdoors in and incorporates natural colors, materials, and textures. When remodeling a bathroom, think about incorporating some country elements.

Ideas for Country Style Bathroom Décor

There was a time when people thought of country décor as being all about red-checkered curtains and rooster accessories, but now sophisticated country decorating is all the rage. People are staying away from themes and instead using classic design principles to create a country vibe. Sophisticated country decorating is all about simplicity.

Sophisticated country style works particularly well in bathroom design because bathrooms are small and benefit from simple decorating schemes.


Light, neutral colors work well for the fixed elements such as wall and floor tiles. Introduce other colors through accessories. Towels, window treatments, and shower curtains are ideal for colors since they are easy to change if a different look is desired.


A country look is achieved by using natural materials like wood, slate, and stone. Rather than resorting to themes that can quickly become dated and tiresome, the use of natural materials can create a rustic and relaxed country atmosphere.


  • If space and budget permit, a claw-foot tub is a must-have for a country style bathroom.
  • Keep fixtures classic in shape, and make them a bit country with the finish. A burnished or antiqued finish gives plain faucets and hardware country flair.
  • Antique light fixtures (chandeliers and sconces) lend country panache to the bathroom. Pot lights and track lighting are better suited to modern interiors and will look out of place in country style bathroom décor. (Note: when using antique or vintage lighting, make sure it's up to code. It's best to have them rewired before installation.)
  • Place all lights on dimmers. A soft glow makes for a relaxing bath.

Furniture and Accessories

Instead of using built-ins, achieve a country look by using furniture in the bathroom. Antique and vintage furniture is a terrific option.

  • A pine or walnut shelving unit, or wood and glass-door cabinet is great for storing linens and supplies.
  • Adapt an antique chest of drawers to hold a sink. It's charming, and depending on the cost of the dresser, it can be less expensive than a newly built piece.
  • Place a small side chair near the tub to hold towels (or a glass of wine!).
  • Instead of a traditional mirrored medicine cabinet, hang an antique mirror over the sink.
  • Use old apothecary bottles (they can be found at antique markets and vintage stores) to hold cotton balls, creams, and other small bathroom items.
  • If space permits, use flowing curtains on windows instead of blinds. Sheer lace, linen, and unlined cotton feel light and soothing. If there isn't enough space, or if privacy is an issue, try to stick with a blind in a natural material. A roll down bamboo blind is a nice option.
  • Hunt flea markets and antique sales for vintage accessories like perfume bottles and trays. Just don't overdo it. Bathrooms tend to be small and too many accessories will make them look cluttered. Try to accessorize with items you will actually use.

Consider the Rest of the Home

Because bathrooms are often small, they're a great place to experiment with décor. However, keep in mind that the decorating scheme should flow with the style of the rest of the home. If you live in an ultra modern house, country style bathroom décor will look out of place. Try to maintain consistency and an overall design vision throughout your home. Fortunately, the basic elements of country style look great when used in every room in the house.

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12 Country Style Bathroom Decor Ideas to Make a Rustic Space