13 Charming Country Style Decorating Ideas for the Home

Charming Country Kitchen


As the heart of a home, the kitchen is an ideal place to showcase country style decorating ideas. This welcoming kitchen keeps the atmosphere fresh and airy with painted wood cabinets and glass inserts on the upper cabinet doors. The hanging pots above the wooden island along with the vintage light fixtures add functional appeal to the room.

Bright Country Style Sunroom


For a little bit of country no matter where you live, go all white with your furniture and accessories. The white-on-white theme of this luminous sunroom creates a relaxing countryside vibe that beckons visitors to take a load off. Slip-covered sofas and armchairs are very family-friendly while also enhancing shabby chic country style designs.

Country Style Floors and Accents


The rustic stone floor in this country home has a casual, random pattern with varying sizes of slate and grout lines.

Country style decorating ideas are often about building a gracious space using found objects and imperfect items like reclaimed stone or wood floors. A wooden rocking chair and the ceramic pots in this room are down-to-earth pieces with a lot of character.

Al Fresco Country Style Decor


A small farmhouse may often feature a large dining table outside such as in this patio setting.

The sturdy wooden table and chairs are perched on a red brick floor near a corner fireplace. Area rugs add warmth and elegance to this covered outdoor dining room for a comfortable country style dining experience

Rustic Country Bedroom


A tranquil refuge can be found in this countryside master bedroom. Uncluttered surroundings and neutral color scheme allow the wooden beams to frame out the bed as a focal point. Furry rugs cozy up the expansive wood floors, so that the space is more intimate.

Simple, light window dressings such as shirred curtains and translucent sheers are another characteristic of country décor.

Contemporary Country Kitchen


Country style decorating ideas can be applied in a more modern space as well. This clean-lined kitchen is grounded by a chunky island that could be found in a countryside farmhouse. Baskets underneath the island increase storage potential and play up the country theme.

Add visual texture to rustic décor with baskets on shelves, hung from the ceiling or placed above cabinets.

Country Elegant Bathroom


Embrace elegance and a country style theme at once by using natural stone throughout the bathroom, combining it with a rustic-style vanity.

The honed travertine in this bathroom provides natural variation of color, and texture. Using the same material on both the floors and walls also gives the impression that the bathroom is larger than it actually is.

Breakfast Nook


Country kitchens are often eat-in, meaning that there is a table or seating arrangement somewhere in the room. This country-style breakfast nook makes use of many of the aspects of country design:

  • Multiple fabrics
  • Floral prints
  • Faux-painting
  • A natural floor

Beadboard Bathroom


Bring a country look to your bathroom, or any room of your home, with beadboard.

Adding some beadboard wainscoting or a beadboard ceiling to a room helps give it some country charm. Using the white woodwork in this small bathroom also helps to lighten it, visually enlarging the space.

Country Living Room


Make your country-style living room a comfortable place for gathering.

Use light colors to keep the room from feeling too dark or enclosed. Multiple fabrics and prints help bring some color and texture to the space, while helping to make the area feel more inviting.



The fireplace, or hearth, is often viewed as the heart of the home. This is true in country-style decorating as well.

Make your fireplace the center of your room, covering the surface in bricks, fieldstone or clay. Gather several fabric chairs around it to help encourage a conversation area.

Guest Bedroom


Don't overlook the guest room when decorating your country-style home. Floral wallpaper helps create a welcoming atmosphere, while the wooden shelves and flooring keep it grounded. Fabrics, flowers and a wooden ceiling add country charm.

Country Style Furniture


Free-standing furniture pieces are an integral part of creating a pleasing countryside ambiance. This wooden cupboard is painted in easy-going earth tones for a casual effect that could be found in a colonial kitchen. The concept of using painted furniture could be applied to an entertainment armoire, bedroom dresser, or console table.

Country home decorating is all about building a warm, inviting space with uncomplicated furnishings and accents.

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