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Decorating Tips for Summer

Check out our summer decorating tips!

Create a fun change to the décor of your home with our decorating tips for summer!

Decorating Tips for Summer

Bring the summertime in with some great decorating tips for summer. You can go all out with lots of new accessories and maybe even a few pieces of furniture, or you can make a few subtle changes that are simple yet inexpensive to do. Whether you choose to change every room in your home or only one or two areas, our tips will get you started. Spend an afternoon creating a new look!

Living Room Makeovers

Any room in the house looks great with a fresh coat of paint, but if you don't have the time or the energy to do this, you can still add a fresh, breezy look to your living room. While fall and winter call for warm, cozy tones that chase away the wintertime blues, spring and summer call for lighter, more airy colors. Painting your walls a lighter color is one way to achieve this look. If you are happy with your wall color, however, there are other easy ways to make a change.

  • Slipcovers-Give dark furniture a new look with lighter colored slipcovers. The great thing about slipcovers is they give you the look of new furniture without the hefty price. You can custom order slipcovers or even make your own if you sew. There are also slipcovers that fit chairs and sofas loosely. When they get dirty, just toss them in the washer, then iron and place them back on the furniture. When you want to go back to your furniture's original look, simply pack them away. You can always purchase a couple of sets of slipcovers to give you even more decorating options.
  • Curtains-Replace those heavy drapes with sheers or bamboo blinds for a lighter look.
  • Accessories-Take a look around the living room. How long have those accessories been there? Why not purchase a few new items that echo the theme of summer, like ocean scenes, flowers, etc.? Swapping out accessories is a great way to change up a look without spending a lot of money. Purchasing a few throw pillows can also change a room's look in just a few seconds.
  • Fireplace-If your room has a fireplace, be sure and clean it out, then place a beautiful plant in the fireplace. If you don't have a green thumb, look for a beautiful silk plant instead.

Dining Room Makeovers

Don't stop with the living room when you search for decorating tips for summer. The dining room is easy to update with a breezy look as well.

  • Put away that heavy tablecloth, and replace it with a white or cream tablecloth or runner.
  • Make simple chair covers that only cover the backs of your dining room chairs, or simply tie large bows in sheer, gauzy material, draping the ends of the bows down the back of each chair.
  • Take down the heavy curtains, and replace with a simple valance, or drape a long piece of lightweight material over the window.
  • Add a simple glass bowl of lemons as a centerpiece, or place fresh flowers in a vase every few days.

Bedroom Makeovers

Head on down the hall to the bedroom to continue the fresh, summery look.

  • Create or purchase a duvet to cover your existing comforter.
  • Add a few throw pillows for extra pop.
  • Consider creating an all white bedroom, or stick to two colors like white and blue for a clean, crisp look.
  • Add a basket of bleached shells and a vase of twigs on an accent table.
  • Look for a couple of lamps that echo the more pristine, softer look that you've created in the room.
  • Rearrange your furniture. You might be surprised at how spacious the room looks after doing so.
  • Throw a rug or two on the floor, and change the curtains in this room as well.
  • Add a beautiful tea tray to the end of your bed for added character.

Summertime makeovers can make you feel as if you've moved into a new home. They are easy and inexpensive to do, so what are you waiting for?

Decorating Tips for Summer