Pet-Friendly Decorating: Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe

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As family members, pets commonly share homes with pet owners. Responsible pet owners know that having indoor pets makes keeping a clean, safe home for animals and humans alike more of a challenge. However, with a little extra effort and the right resources, decorating a pet owners' home can be rewarding and fun.

Interior Decorating for Pets

With billions of dollars being spent on pet products and services every year, pet owners are looking for new ways to make life with animals easier, cleaner, and more stylish. Low maintenance is the key concept to keep in mind, since dirt and stains are inevitable with indoor animals or any busy household. Decorating for pet owners has become big business.

An easy starting tip is to maintain your pet's grooming schedule to keep shedding to a minimum. Fabrics and carpeting will last longer if they undergo fewer cleanings. The process of bathing and brushing your pet will get rid of excess hair and keep it from ending up all over the house. Also, clipping dog and cat nails will reduce scratches on textiles and flooring.

Keep wall surfaces easy to clean by choosing paint in a satin, eggshell, or semi-gloss finish when decorating for pet owners. Flat paint is not a good choice because it doesn't hold up well to washing or scrubbing. Vinyl wallpapers are also very durable and easy to sponge down. When choosing wall color, remember that light-colored walls will show dirt very quickly. Consider a medium to dark shade or even a faux finish to help hide the grime between cleanings.

Take cues from your pets when choosing other items in your home as well. Select flooring and fabric colors that match your pet's coat, so that you can effortlessly camouflage pet hair. Avoid displaying delicate accessories where pets can access them with a curious paw or a wagging tail. If you do have fragile treasures, put them on view up high in a curio or on a shelf. Also, put your focus on accessories that mount on the walls, such as paintings or sculptures that rest on hidden-mount shelves.

A Space of Their Own


Decorating for pets should also involve creating animal friendly features. Make your life easier by installing tile or wood at your entry doors, so that incoming muddy paws can be taken care of without worry. Keep a handy supply of pet towels or wipes nearby for even more convenience. Use storage units for your pet supplies, such as food organizers and wall hooks for leashes.

To reduce your pet's time spent on sofas and chairs, invest in a quality pet bed that is comfortable and easy to clean. Consider a memory foam animal bed which will provide some relief to older, arthritic pets. Look for pet beds with removable covers that are machine washable for painless clean-up. Locate pet beds in a safe, quiet area such as a cozy corner in a bedroom, living room, den, or office.

Decorating for Pet Owners Resources

Live Happily Ever After

Taking the time to educate yourself about how to decorate a pet-friendly home is well worth the time and effort. It can save you money, time and most of all, save you from a heartbreaking experience if your pet happened to be injured or killed by something you didn't know was dangerous.

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Pet-Friendly Decorating: Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe