Types of Decorative Wall Crosses for a Divine Statement

A decorative cross

Decorative crosses for the wall are emblematic of many different of types of interior design. Many decorative crosses would fit into a variety of styles, ranging from Gothic interior design to inspirational Christian art décor. However, because crosses are such a powerful symbol for so many cultures, it is best to choose one that has a special meaning to you.

Types of Decorative Crosses for the Wall

There are many types of decorative crosses to suit every individual taste.

  • A Crucifix: Commonly found in Catholic homes or as a part of Santa Fe interior design, a crucifix is a cross that has the body of Christ on it in the crucifixion pose.
  • Celtic or Irish Crosses: Often highly ornate, many people are drawn to the Celtic cross for the intricate designs.
  • Catholic Cross: Although many Catholic crosses are crucifixes, there are other types of crosses unique to the Catholic faith. For this reason, it is best to have a Catholic cross in your home if you believe in the Catholic faith.
  • Bible Verse Cross: Due to the association of crosses with Christianity, there are many crosses that are adorned with Bible verses. Often these verses are from the book of Proverbs or Psalms.
  • Memorial Cross: Sometimes a cross is bought or commissioned to remember a departed family member or loved one. Hanging this type of cross on your wall can be an excellent way to honor the memory of that person.
  • Iron Crosses: If you simply prefer the appearance of a cross and are not interested in the symbolic significance, there are many wrought iron crosses available. These crosses have very little association with any type of spiritual significance and are used as decorating elements. Of course, some iron crosses, such as those made with iron nails, have significance to Christians or other religions.
  • Wood Crosses: Carved wood crosses may be purely decorative or may be fashioned in a way that evokes the crucifixion of Christ.

Hanging and Displaying Decorative Crosses

How many crosses you have and how you hang them is largely a matter of personal choice. However, there are a few rules of thumb in order to enjoy the cross more fully.

Displaying Crosses

There are as many ways of displaying crosses as there are people that own them. Here are some of the more popular options.

  • Collections: Some people, for religious or artistic reasons, collect crosses. If you have a large collection of decorative crosses in different sizes and shapes, consider hanging them altogether on a single wall. The impact of the collection will be magnified by a unified display and it will give you the opportunity to display them for your guests.
  • Religious Crosses: Try hanging a cross that has religious meaning in a place where you will see it in the morning or during prayer time. Many people find symbols, such as crosses, a good reminder for commitments towards personal behaviors.
  • Memorial Crosses: Memorial crosses should be displayed in an area where they will be seen often. Keep in mind that placing a memorial cross in an unused area or corner may be insulting to some people.

Hanging Crosses

Many crosses are very heavy, so be sure to use proper hanging techniques to secure them. Crosses that weigh more than a few ounces should be secured to a stud, not just drywall. For crosses that are not near a stud, drywall anchors may be used to gain some additional stability. In most cases, decorative crosses have a loop in the back for a hook, just like a picture frame.

Final Notes

Decorative crosses for the wall can be purely a design element or they can represent something important to the house's occupants. For this reason, it is often a good idea to research the history and intent of your particular cross before hanging it on the wall. Some visitors to your home may be offended, for example, if you hang a Catholic cross, but are not a member of that faith. Other crosses may also have symbolic meanings that contrast with your personal beliefs.

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Types of Decorative Wall Crosses for a Divine Statement