A Quick Guide to Decorative Shelf Brackets


Finding and installing your own decorative shelf brackets to create beautiful sets of shelving for your home is a simple and relatively affordable task. All you need is to find a space where you would like to display objects or books, a set of brackets that fit with your decor, a few basic tools, and someone to help you eye the right spot to place the brackets.

There are hundreds of brackets to choose from, whether your interiors are modern or traditional. A simple shelf, which can be found at any number of home improvement stores, suffices once the brackets are in place. You can even have wood custom cut for your shelves and then sand and paint the wood a color that matches your design.

Uses for Decorative Shelf Brackets

There are many reasons to use decorative shelf brackets, chiefly because they are much more interesting than standard floating shelves and can add a lot of flair and character to your rooms. Some great uses for shelves with brackets are:

  • To display collections
  • Show off a particular book collection
  • Add extra shelving to your kitchen for spices or teas
  • Create space for small pots of herbs or flowers
  • Provide extra storage in a laundry room for household cleaning items
  • Create more space in your home office for equipment or supplies



This eclectic store carries everything from clothing to homewares, and is a surprising treasure trove for those who are looking for a more antiqued or vintage look. Swirling, ornamental, floral, vines and swans are just some of the motifs you will find on this website.

House of Antique Hardware

If you are searching for wooden, brass or cast iron brackets, House of Antique Hardware is one of the top websites to find the perfect fit for your decor. In addition to very traditional, ornate brackets, this online store also offers simple, classic, understated wooden brackets made from solid oak. These can be painted or coated with a clear stain to retain the look of the wood grain.

The collection of brass brackets ranges from extremely intricate to elegant and modern, while the cast iron collection reveals gothic themes, art nouveau motifs, Pennsylvania Dutch designs as well as traditional Victorian designs.

The Great Hardware Store

The Great Hardware Store stocks some very basic, sleek and modern decorative shelf brackets. If your interiors are contemporary then check out the Knape & Vogt 8-inch Black Steel Shelf Bracket, a classic art deco-style piece, or for a hybrid modern/traditional look, check out the National White Bracket with an S-curve design.

How to Install Decorative Shelf Brackets

Installing shelf brackets isn't a difficult task. You need to ensure that your walls are strong enough to hold whatever it is that you want to put on the shelf and finally, make certain that you have all of the necessary tools.


  • Pencil
  • Drywall anchors that hold up to 90 pounds
  • Drill
  • Hammer


  1. First, measure the brackets and mark your walls so the brackets will be level. Make a small mark on the wall where you want to locate the shelf.
  2. Slowly drill the drywall anchor into place.
  3. Hold the brackets in place and use a screwdriver or a drill to secure the brackets to the wall.
  4. Repeat and install shelves.

Finishing Touches

There are endless ways to configure decorative shelf brackets. Use different style of brackets in the same shelving group for a more eclectic approach, or create a symmetrical design scheme with a group of shelves lined up in a pretty row.

Most importantly have fun finding the right design for your decor. There are literally hundreds, possibly thousands of designs to choose from, so you are certain to find one that will be perfect for your interiors.

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A Quick Guide to Decorative Shelf Brackets