Types of Decorative Storage Boxes and How to Work Them

decorated storage box

Decorative storage boxes can add a nice design element to any room in your home.

Design Elements of Storage Boxes

The appeal of storage boxes with decorative designs creates a feeling of nostalgia and intrigue. You can choose from floral designs to stripes or polka dots.

Adding to a Room

There's really no criterion for determining if a room design will be enhanced by the addition of storage boxes. The main objective when choosing this design element is to make certain whatever you select fits into the overall room design. For instance, a very formal room created in a traditional design with muted colors of gold and brown wouldn't necessarily serve as a good backdrop for colorful Victorian floral storage boxes. However, if you chose to use dark and medium leather boxes with antiqued metal strips and tacks, then you would have a valuable enhancer to your room's décor.

Ways to Use Storage Boxes

You can use this kind of additional storage where space is limited. A storage box can add an unexpecteted design element to your room décor.

  • Create small corner vignette with several storage boxes of varying size stacked on top of each other offset with a tall potted plant and a floor lamp
  • Store magazine collections
  • Place three different sized boxes on top of each other underneath an end table and place a small plant on top to cascade down the tiered boxes
  • Keep photo collections from being lost or ruined
  • Stack several boxes in the corner floor of a stairwell. Add a chair and a plant or umbrella stand for a new focal point in your foyer.
  • You don't always need to use storage boxes in groupings. You can use a small single storage box on a bookcase shelf, end table or coffee table.
  • Arrange a nest of boxes beside the fireplace at Christmas for a festive holiday look and storage wrapping paper, bows and supplies
  • Collect craft supplies and store in one place
  • Loose office supplies can be contained in storage boxes for easy use

Accent Pieces: Using Color and Patterns

Patterned boxes with lids can add a splash of color to an otherwise drab corner. You can repeat the same colors used throughout your room in your boxes or choose solid-colored boxes as accent pieces.

All Shapes and Sizes

You might think of thick cardboard boxes when you first think of decorative boxes being used for storage. There's really no limit to the kind of boxes you can use to serve two purposes of storage and decoration.

Decorative hat boxes create a feeling of nostalgia.

You Aren't Limited in Pattern Choices

There is such a wide array of choices for patterns and colors in decorative boxes that you can use for additional storage.

Kinds of Boxes
Materials Shapes
Leather Triangle
Plastic Round
Metal Square
Ceramic Heart
Wood Rectangle
Velvet Star
Wicker Cross
Bamboo Pyramid
Wood Animals
Fabric Crescent
Paper and Cardboard Hat Boxes
Plastic Tall Cylindrical
Canvas Crate Style
Leather Suitcase Style
Mesh Collapsible

Make Decorative Storage Boxes

You can purchase materials to make any kind of box you desire from craft stores.

  • A wooden box can be stained, lacquered and enhanced with various kinds of hardware and leather.
  • Purchase decoupage cutouts to create a unique box.
  • Wrap cardboard boxes with gift paper in colorful nostalgic designs
  • Hot glue fabric to boxes complete with trim and ribbons
  • Buy pre-pasted wallpaper remnants in wide range of patterns from embossed designs to floral designs

Where to Buy: Decorative Storage Boxes

Incorporating decorative storage boxes in your overall room design can give you new and interesting design elements as well as additional storage.

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