Decorative Wall Clock Styles for a Timeless Touch


Decorative wall clocks can do much more than just tell time. They can add a focal point to a blank wall and a decorative touch to any room of your house.

Styles of Decorative Wall Clocks

Clocks can add style to any room of your house or office. They can dress up a blank wall and add an element of interest. Wall clocks show your personal style and uniqueness. They can be traditional or modern. Some clocks are antiques whole others follow the style of the latest trends.

Decorative wall clocks can be used in any room you choose. Try to incorporate the clock into the existing theme of the room. Some themes to use include:

  • A clock in a child's room can match the particular theme of the nursery or room. Popular themes are teddy bears, blocks, cartoon characters, angels or even sports.
  • For the kitchen, choose clocks with themes such as bistro, coffee, fruit or even a rooster.
  • Choose a more traditional clock for the office. A simple design accented by a metal or wood frame looks polished and classy.
  • For the den or game room, pick something fun. Themes such as sports, beer, nautical, golf or even casino and cards work well.
  • The living room is the perfect area for a clock with a mirror background.

Some other possibilities are clocks with a floral face or one with a religious scheme. There are even clocks that you can add your own design or photo. Maybe you collect a certain themed objects why not add a wall clock to complete your collection.

Wall clocks also make the perfect gift. Get one inscribed with a name and date to give for an anniversary or wedding present. It will be an unforgettable personalized gift that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Clock Materials

Wall clocks come in a wide range of materials. Some popular options are wood, metal or even glass. Many are even a mix of various materials. Some clocks are weather-resistant and can be used outdoors while others are delicate and need to be treated with care. Always keep in mind the location and whether the clock will be exposed to outdoor elements when choosing a material. Also be aware that clocks can be battery-operated or need to be wound and have a pendulum.

Where to Purchase

Clocks are widely available. They are sold at local retailers, specialty stores and even online. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary try the following online sites:

  • has a wide selection of wall clocks in various styles and made by famous designers such as Bulova, Infinity, Howard Miller and Ridgeway.
  • Search for a one of a kind antique clock or a clock with an unusual hard to find design.

Final Thoughts

Since clocks come in all shapes, sizes and materials, it is important to hang them safely and securely. Keep in mind the weight of the clock and the location where you are planning on hanging it. If the clock is heavy, make sure that you locate a wall stud to secure it to. For lightweight, battery-operated clocks, you should have no problem securing it to any wall or location. Be sure that the clock you choose fits your room's décor and reflects your individual style and taste. After all, your clock will be seen by anyone who enters the room and may end up getting more attention than your furniture! Next, explore another kind of antique timepiece - Seth Thomas mantle clocks.

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Decorative Wall Clock Styles for a Timeless Touch