Decorative Window Film Usage and Design Types


Change your view to the world with easy to install decorative window film. This economical do-it-yourself project can instantly transform your windows into something that looks much more expensive.

Uses for Decorative Window Film

Sometimes called window wallpaper, window glass film is designed to add panache to any décor from traditional to ultra modern. There are numerous ways in which static cling vinyl film can be used in a home or office setting. The most common use of window film is to create privacy where drapes or blinds are not practical - such as a shower stall window. Another popular spot for decorative window film would be the sidelights around a front or back door entry. In an office setting, partitions between desks or busy outside windows can be fitted with window film for privacy and less distractions.

Some homeowners and renters find an unfavorable outside view at one or more windows. It could be an alley service area or unkempt neighboring yards. Designer glass film will remedy the situation while also being easy to remove and harmless to the window pane. In addition, decorative window film will allow natural light to filter through as it offers privacy or blocks an unsightly view. Many brands of wallpaper for windows will also provide valuable UV protection for your furnishings, rugs, and draperies.

Instead of covering a whole window with film, consider just using this product as an accent in smaller panes on the side or above a door or bank of windows. Any smooth surface should accept the window clings - including shower doors, glass tabletops, room dividers, French doors, and glass cabinet doors.

Types of Window Film Designs

The majority decorative window static clings duplicate the look of stained glass, etched glass, or frosted glass. Stained glass film comes in traditional patterns such as grapes, florals, and spiritual motifs, as well as modern styles. The contemporary stained glass window films include abstract combinations of colors and shapes. There are also mission style designs which would be perfect for a craftsman style home.

The faux etched and frosted glass effects are usually combined in window film designs for a realistic looking result. These simple decorative window films are very versatile and can be used in virtually all styles of décor. Abstract film designs are gaining in popularity and include soft floral patterns, geometrics, and artistic reproductions. Nature scenes like those from Window Film World are another top window cling seller which encompasses simple cloud designs to photo realistic scenic snapshots.

Locating decorative window film can be as easy as a trip to your local hardware store. For example, big box stores like Lowe's and The Home Depot carry brands such as Gila and Artscape. For the greatest selection and widest variety, shopping online is one of the best options in the world of window clings. No matter what window wallpaper design you choose, feel confident that decorative window film will make a huge impact in your room for very little time and money invested.

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Decorative Window Film Usage and Design Types