Using a Denim Sofa Cover and What to Look For

Denim Sofa Cover

Reinvent your old sofa with a familiar material by adding a denim sofa cover. This soft and durable material is as comfy as your favorite pair of jeans.

Decorating With Denim

Your jeans go with just about anything, and so will your denim sofa cover. Consider which shade of denim fits with your decor. Denim sofa covers are available in a range of shades from chic indigo to natural white or cream for a country cottage look. Also like jeans, they are available in a variety of fits, from very tailored to slouchy. Denim is the right choice for you if you want your living room to feel casual and comfortable.

Throw pillows provide an opportunity to dress up your denim sofa. Try frilly floral or another pattern as a contrast, or get inspired by your Friday night jeans and opt for something sparkly. For a western look, try throw pillows upholstered in a red bandanna pattern. If the all denim sofa look is too much, consider using denim upholstered pillows against a standard microfiber or cotton slip cover. Another option is to accessorize your denim slip cover, much like you would a pair of jeans. Add cording, fringe or contrasting trim.

Benefits of a Denim Sofa Cover

Slipcovers protect your new sofa or disguise your old ratty one. They are also versatile, so you can change the look of sofa easily and often. Denim is a particularly good choice because it is easy to clean, machine washable and if it is damaged beyond repair, it is inexpensive to replace. Since denim is also a crisp fabric, it resists wrinkles better than some other slipcover fabrics. It is an excellent choice if you have pets because it is easy to vacuum hair from denim. It is incredibly comfy and only grows more so with use. Denim is also a great material choice for a child's room.

What to Look For

Before you embark on a search for the perfect slipcover, be sure to measure your sofa. Most slipcovers are sized based on the length of the sofa from arm to arm. However, if your sofa is an odd size or shape, you may choose to order a custom slipcover or make your own by sewing denim fabric.

When shopping for a denim sofa cover, look for pre-washed fabrics for softness. Also make sure that the fabric is machine-washable for easy maintenace. Always check the store's return policy in case the slip cover doesn't fit your couch.

Where to Buy

If you've decided a denim sofa cover would be a perfect fit, here is where you can buy them:

Denim Sofas

Although denim slip covers are popular, you may also purchase sofas upholstered in denim.

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Using a Denim Sofa Cover and What to Look For