Dinosaur Area Rugs: Styles That Make Kids Smile

Dinosaur rug
Dinosaur rug

If you've got young paleontologists in the house, brighten up their bedrooms or playrooms with some dinosaur kid's area rugs. These fun rugs come in a wide array of colors and styles perfect for any décor.

Why Use Area Rugs with Kids

Kids can outgrow themes, colors and rooms quickly, making some parents a little hesitant to decorate a child's room or playroom beyond necessities such as bedding or curtains. Wall to wall carpeting in a complementary color is more frequently used in a small child's area than any other flooring material, so why use an area rug?


Whether you use wall to wall carpeting or hardwood on your child's floor, the fact of the matter is that kids are messy. Spilled drinks, cracker crumbs and dirt tracked in from outdoors can all quickly ruin a floor covering. Area rugs help to protect this area; since they are portable you can easily remove them to wash and return.

Completing a Theme

Area rugs are portable, easily removed and in the case of some children's rugs, not overly expensive. So items such as dinosaur kid's area rugs are the perfect finishing touch or accent to a room's theme. If your child outgrows the theme, the rug can be removed without a major renovation or upheaval.

Child's Preference

Allowing your child to have some say in the decorating of his or her room can be a great way to boost self control. If your child loves all things dinosaurs, adding a dinosaur rug to his or her room can be a fun way of allowing self-expression.

Styles of Dinosaur Kid's Area Rugs

If you have a son or daughter begging you for a dinosaur theme in their room, an area rug is a great place to being. Colors from the rug can be repeated in the bedding, wall color or curtains, which mean you can have dinosaurs and a cohesive room design without going overboard. Dinosaur area rugs come in a wide variety of styles including:

  • Dinosaur shaped area rugs
  • Prehistoric scenes containing dinosaurs
  • Rugs depicting dinosaur bones
  • Rugs depicting fossils
  • Cartoon dinosaurs
  • Realistic dinosaurs in a jungle setting

Incorporating a Dinosaur Area Rug into the Room

As with any interior decorating, you'll want to consider several things before adding a new element to a room's décor.

Only Change or the Beginning of a New Design

Are you simply adding a dinosaur rug to your child's room or playroom without changing anything, or are you changing the whole room's theme? If it's the former, make sure the colors of the rug coordinate with what's already there and that the pattern isn't too busy, so it doesn't clash with existing room elements. If it's the latter, you can use the rug as a jumping off point for color, wall decals, bedding and throw pillows.


The size of an area rug is important; too small and the rug will look dwarfed on the floor, too large and it risks getting swallowed under furniture. Measure the space where you want to rug to go. Playrooms with large, open spaces in the center of the room can make do with large, rectangular rugs depicting full prehistoric dinosaur scenes. A small bedroom on the other hand, might be better off with a dinosaur shaped rug just in front of the bed or dresser.


Not all area rugs are easy to keep clean, so make sure that a rug for your child's room can be thrown in the washing machine if necessary. Dry cleaning can take time and money, so be sure to take the rug's wear rating and location into account when making your selection.

Dinosaur kid's area rugs are a fun and colorful addition to any room's décor. Go big or go small; a dinosaur rug is sure to please the dinosaur lover in your home.

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Dinosaur Area Rugs: Styles That Make Kids Smile