Dragon Wallpaper Border: Finding the Majestic Touch


Decorating your home with stylish wallpaper borders is typically straightforward and uncomplicated. When you place a decorative border on a painted wall or use it with a coordinating wallpaper design, you can easily invigorate the atmosphere of your space with little cost and minimal effort. Borders can be used at the top of wall, under chair rail, below crown molding, or at virtually any point on a wall.

Source for Dragon Wallpaper Borders

Find fantastic borders at your local wallpaper store or online. Shop the web for the perfect dragon wallpaper border and don't forget to search eBay as well:

Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper

USA Wallpaper sells products from some of the most highly regarded wallpaper manufacturers and companies. They carry an ample array of wallpapers, borders, murals, and wall stickers. For the imaginative child's room, try one of the whimsically designed dragon theme borders or coordinating wallpapers such as:

Calculating How Much Boarder You Need

Wallpaper borders are usually sold in fifteen foot (five yard) rolls. Start measuring the linear foot length needed to make it around the room's wall surfaces. And remember, it's always ideal to have a little surplus paper, so that you can use it for patching damage or creating other projects such as custom light-switch covers or lampshades. The Wallpaper Wholesaler website has a handy wallpaper border calculator to assist in your estimate.

Hanging Borders

To hang a wallpaper border, start by measuring the wall width corner to corner. You will want the border strips to cover the full width of the wall with about one half inch extending around the corners. While following the directions on the border package is the safest bet, it typically involves submerging the paper in water for a set amount of time and then applying it the prepared wall surface. Some wall surfaces such as vinyl wallpaper may require a special adhesive. Smooth out the border as it is hung up and then clean gently with a damp sponge.

Selecting a Dragon Border

Consider the overall style of the room where you plan to hang your dragon border to make sure the look will be cohesive. It's also a good idea to consult family members to see which style they prefer, especially the person whose room the border is going into. It's easier to choose the right dragon border and install it once rather than have to change it if someone doesn't love it.

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Dragon Wallpaper Border: Finding the Majestic Touch