Eclectic Style Interior Design: 8 Outside-the-Box Ideas

Eclectic Table Setting

Eclectic design is a mixture of different decorating styles. It can also be a blend of different cultures and time periods. A successful eclectic design scheme is not a random assortment of mismatched home furnishings and decor. It is a deliberate and planned design scheme that is unified by furnishings that relate to each other through color, shape, texture, finish or scale. It is important to follow the basic principles of design when decorating with an eclectic scheme.

Eclectic Sitting Room

This elegant sitting room has traditional style furniture mixed with contemporary pieces and the very prominent, Middle Eastern style camel figurine. There also appears to be a tribal head sculpture on the coffee table and a tribal drum next to the plant in the far corner. Two Asian style vases sit on the mantle and a large Persian area rug can be seen on the floor. The design is unified by similar colors of rust, beige and gold.

Eclectic Livingroom

In this warm, welcoming living room, contemporary style drapes frame the windows. A rustic, twig chandelier hangs from the ceiling above a traditional style trunk, which is used as a coffee table. The wood and suede chair has detailed carvings typical of traditional furniture. A nice variety of textures is seen with the addition of a leather sofa and corduroy easy chair with ottoman. Other contemporary style decor includes the gold lamp behind the sofa and the two floral arrangements, which are mixed with a traditional grandfather clock, antique mantel clock and vintage looking twin mantel lamps. An eclectic style mirror adds interest to the fireplace display. Can you spot the unifying shape in this eclectic mix? Notice the shape of the lampshades.

Formal Eclectic Living Room

This formal living room has a mixture of both traditional and modern contemporary furnishings. The upright piano is very traditional, yet the artwork on the wall above it is quite modern. The corner china cabinet, chair, coffee table and area rug are all very traditional while the fireplace, window treatment and ceiling design give the room a modern look. The color red is repeated in the artwork, valance and area rug.

Eclectic Fireplace

This traditional looking brick fireplace has an eclectic display featuring a traditional pendulum clock with matching brass candle holders. These vintage accessories are mixed with contemporary accents including an Asian figurine, a crystal and porcelain egg, a modern glass vase with elegant pink orchids and a house plant in a brass pot. The brass and live greenery help tie it all together.

Eclectic Studio Apartment

This simple, minimalist eclectic studio apartment features modest furnishings including a slip covered sofa, vintage carved wood and glass end table and unusual curved wooden chair. The furniture is very casual and laid-back, including the small dining set that features director's chairs in a natural wood finish that matches the curved chair in the living room and the natural wood flooring. The dark colors on the pillows and area rugs provide contrast against all the light-colored furnishings. The color white is carried throughout the space on the walls, the floral arrangement on the dining room table, the two different lampshades and the sofa.

Eclectic Dining Room

This unusual dining room features an elegant, vintage style wrought iron dining set that has a distressed finish in a modern metallic silver. The walls also feature a faux painting technique called color washing, which gives them a marbled appearance. Another modern accessory is the beautiful glass chandelier. Different shades of purple are repeated throughout the room including the walls, floor, the upholstery and the table centerpiece. This eclectic dining room is a mixture of both modern and vintage style.

Eclectic Design

Eclectic design is perfect for those who like to think outside the box. If you love elements from different decorating styles, cultures or time periods, you can blend these type of elements together with an eclectic design scheme. Whether you choose this decorating scheme for just your bedroom or you go all out with an eclectic style home, just remember to find a common element to help tie everything together

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Eclectic Style Interior Design: 8 Outside-the-Box Ideas