Elegant Home Accents: Ideas & Tips

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Elegant home accents can take your home from being nice to being extraordinary. Accents and accessories are to a home what jewelry and a great pair of shoes are to the little black dress. They take a simple classic piece and turn it into something beautiful and unique.

Whatever your style, be sure to add a few accessories to your décor. Even minimalist rooms need a few accents to inject life and personality.

Elegant Home Accent Ideas

One person's definition of elegant might not be the same as another's, so don't pay attention to what others say you should buy, and instead look for items that appeal to your design sensibilities. That said, we can all use a little help when it comes to accessorizing.


Ambient lighting adds an elegant touch to any room. Pretty crystal chandeliers and wall sconces add instant glamour. Sleek modern lights can also be elegant additions.


Pillows add a touch of comfort to any room. Dress them up by using luxurious fabrics with rich patterns. Nothing says elegant like a silk Damask pillow. Touches of fringe can also add a fun yet sophisticated touch.


Dress up walls with artwork and mirrors. Items displayed in decorative frames (think elaborately carved gilt, white, or black) are glamorous and cultured.


People often don't think about hardware, but it can truly make or break a room. Change plain door and cabinet knobs to elegant Victorian versions. Or switch out a builder's grade floor vent for a decorative wrought iron version. The impact can be enormous.


Accessories encompass a wide variety of items. Decorative boxes, vases, statues, photo frames, clocks, bookends, fireplace screens, and more can be considered accessories. Use them in every room in your home.

How to Accessorize

The power of home accents is in the way you use them. Throwing a bunch of pretty items in a room isn't enough. You need to showcase items in a way that will show them off to their best advantage.

Bookcases, fireplace mantels, and coffee tables are all places that end up holding accessories. Think about how you want to display items and then do a little experimenting. Creating displays and vignettes with home décor accents is a bit of a balancing act. Elements such as color, style, and shape all need to be taken into consideration. Move items around and see what is most pleasing to the eye.

Remember to show a little restraint when accessorizing a room. Too many accent items thrown together will look cluttered and messy. Choose a few treasured items and then let them stand out.

Where to Buy Accessories for the Home

Elegant home accents can be found in just about any store these days. While home décor stores are the obvious shops, places like drug stores and even grocery stores have started selling small items for the home. Their popularity has extended beyond traditional home décor stores and now you can find them everywhere.

There are many companies that specialize in home accessories. While a lot of them are wholesalers who don't sell directly to the public, you can check out their websites and then find out what stores in your area carry the products.

You can also order or pick up home décor catalogs that will have selections of accessories.

Choose Decor You Love

No matter what your decorating style, elegant home accents will add some class and personality to your rooms. Remember to decorate with items you love and have fun with it.

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Elegant Home Accents: Ideas & Tips