Faux Tin Ceiling Wallpaper Benefits & Installation Tips

Faux Tin Ceiling

If you're looking for an inexpensive and easy way to get a decorative ceiling in any room of your home, consider faux tin ceiling wallpaper. Paintable in any color,and easy to install, faux tin wallpaper can transform any space in hours.

Tin Ceilings

Tin ceilings have been around since the late 19th century. Originally a decorative and fireproof option to a plaster ceiling, tin ceilings have regained new popularity in recent years. Since a true tin ceiling, made of sheets of tin hammered into a design can be expensive, faux tin ceilings have begun to emerge. Among the options on offer, and the easiest for a homeowner to install is the faux tin wallpaper.

Faux Tin Ceiling Wallpaper

Faux tin wallpaper is available by the roll with an embossed, unpainted design. It goes on the ceiling the same way wallpaper would cover the wall, and is painted once it's dry. A metallic paint is used to give the wallpaper an authentic look. Designs include repeating subtle patterns, 6-inch and 4-inch repeating patterns and large panel patterns with crosses, Fleur-di-Lis, scrolls and abstract designs.

Why Use Faux Tin Wallpaper

With all the various faux tin ceilings on the market today, you may wonder why wallpaper is a good choice. Faux tin wallpaper has several benefits to a homeowner over a traditional tin ceiling as well as over other types of faux tin ceilings.

  • Easy to put up and take down again.
  • Can be installed right over a plaster ceiling - no need to remove it.
  • Faux tin wallpaper is the most inexpensive option on the market.
  • Can be painted in any color, or in a two-tone effect for a custom look.
  • You can install it yourself in just a few hours, instead of having to hire a contractor who may take days.

Tips for Installing Faux Tin Wallpaper

To help your installation go smoother, try a few of these tips to ensure a great looking ceiling in no time.

Cut it Up

Cut the wallpaper into 6-inch or 12-inch pieces before installing. This will give you uniform seams that are part of the pattern, helping to create an authentic look.

Test out the Paint

Try a few different samples of paint, and a few different application techniques. Metallic paints are available in bronze, copper, brass and multiple shades of silver. Try using a foam paint brush, or apply a coat of one color, and then dry brush on a second color afterwards for an antiqued look. You can also try out a two-toned effect by using one color as edging around the design, with a second color in the middle. Tape a few painted squares to the ceiling after you've tried out the paints to see how they look before you install and paint the whole thing. Leave them in place for a few days so you can see how the changing light and shadows effect the color.

Chalk Your Ceiling

To lay the pattern out evenly, snap chalk lines across your ceiling. Use a measuring tape and mark off 6 or 12-inch increments across the ceiling, and use chalk to create a pattern of squares. At the very center of the ceiling, you should have a full square. If you have cut pieces, put them on either side of the room at the edges. This will give you a balanced look and a professional appearance when it's done.

Smooth Out Your Ceiling

If you have a "popcorn" ceiling, or a textured ceiling, skim coat it with plaster a few days before you paper. You don't have to make it perfect; a light coat with a trowel is all it takes. You just want to even out the majority of the bumps so the paper lays flat and the embossing shows to the best effect.

Where to Purchase

Faux tin wallpaper is available at many home improvement stores, such as Lowes or Home Depot. You can also find it at most paint and wallpaper stores. Be sure to look at a large section unrolled before you purchase, so you can get a feel for the repeating pattern.

Faux tin ceiling wallpaper can transform kitchens, dining rooms or formal living rooms in no time. It can last for years with no maintenance at all and can be steamed off again like any wallpaper. If you are considering the look of a tin ceiling for any area of your home, give faux tin wallpaper a try.

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Faux Tin Ceiling Wallpaper Benefits & Installation Tips