9 Impressive Fireplace Photos to Inspire Your Design


A fireplace adds so much comfort and personality to a space. Whether your design style is modern or traditional, there is a fireplace design perfect for you. A fireplace is often the main focal point in a room, so make the most of this eye-catching piece. The following collection of fireplace photos will show the versatility of this timeless decorating element. Some lucky homeowners have fireplaces in their living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, or bathrooms. One of the latest trends in home décor is the use of outdoor fireplaces, chimeneas, or metal fire pits to create a relaxing al fresco living room.

This diverse grouping of fireplace photos will give you inspiration for not only hearth design, but also for accessorizing mantles with decorative objects and wall décor. If you have a neglected fireplace, clear the clutter, spruce it up, and enjoy it by using it often. During the winter, wood burning logs are ideal but can be messy or wood may be scarce if you live in the city. Pick up some packaged firelogs like Duraflame for less ashes and soot. Another fantastic alternative is to fill your fireplace with candles for instant romance and coziness. There are even fireplace candelabras made to hold and display candles. You can also install a set of gas logs if you have this option in your community or use a fireplace gel fuel such as Real Flame.

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9 Impressive Fireplace Photos to Inspire Your Design