How Your Front Entry Design Can Make a Lovely First Impression


As the first impression of a home's interior, front entry designs are crucial for setting the atmosphere for the rest of the dwelling. Make a statement with a foyer that defines your personal style while also welcoming guests into your abode.

Front Entry Basics

Starting with the front patio area, a front entry should reflect the architectural design of the building along with the décor on the other side of the door. As the largest item in the entryway, the front door is the main focal point and should be painted or stained in a color that coordinates with the exterior paint, brick, or stonework. A patio light fixture that fits with the design style will also help set the right mood. Front doormats come in various materials such as rubber, coconut fiber, and vinyl. For a truly custom look, consider a personalized doormat featuring a monogram or family name. Outdoor accessories like wall grilles, door wreaths, and decorative pots can help complete the look of front entry designs.

Moving beyond the threshold, a foyer is the first space inside a home. Some dwellings have a defined area that resides as the entrance way into the rest of the home. While other houses and apartments have only an open area that leads directly into the living room. In these cases, a foyer can be created by using a low bookcase, room divider, or the back of a sofa to create a small hallway by the front door.

Making the Most of Front Entry Designs

Once a foyer area is identified, you can now embellish the space with items that will set the stage for the rooms beyond. Flooring is often an extension of what is the adjoining rooms, and this will help keep a continuous flow. Otherwise, make sure the front entry flooring complements the neighboring rooms' floor materials. If the foyer has a hard flooring material like tile or wood, the addition of a non-slip entry rug will help catch dirt and keep guests from losing their footing.

The wall finish should be given special attention as the main element in front entry designs. Consider all types of wall finishes when deciding what to do with the foyer. A few of the choices include distinctive wallpaper, decorative paint finishes, metallic paints, and wainscoting. As for the wall décor, the idea is to establish a design theme that represents the rest of the home. Art pieces, painted murals, framed mirrors, wall grilles, and tapestries are just some of the options for wall accessories.

A great number of foyers have a formal feeling that is both traditional and elegant. This might include a striking chandelier, a fabric covered settee, framed artwork, or console table adorned with tasteful accessories. A fine wood cabinet with doors is an option for concealed storage with a polished look.

For a more casual household, look to functional pieces for front entry designs that really pull their weight. A family-friendly entryway system from Pottery Barn will keep your brood organized while also looking stylishly tidy. These foyer structures basically consist of a lower drawer or bench, topped with a locker style structure featuring bins and hooks. Baskets can be used in the open bins or on shelves for storage that is nicely concealed. Another source for functional front entry designs is Ikea which has countless affordable solutions for enhancing an entrance hallway. From wall systems to floating shelves, Ikea has a wide range of contemporary styled pieces for your foyer space.

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How Your Front Entry Design Can Make a Lovely First Impression