How to Use Glass Bubbles for Centerpiece Decorating


If you want to give your table a unique look, try glass bubbles for centerpiece decorating. These decorative bubbles give your table a whimsical, fantasy-like feel and are sure to impress your guests. Glass bubbles have been a wedding table centerpiece favorite for years, but they are becoming more at home on family dining room tables as well. If you're looking for a fresh twist for your centerpiece, these pretty little accessories could be just the ticket.

Glass Bubbles - What Are They?

Glass bubbles might be gaining in popularity, but they are still news to many people. Glass bubbles for centerpiece decorating actually come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Some so-called glass bubbles are actually bubble shaped bowls with a large enough opening that other decorative pieces can be added to the bowl. Other glass bubbles are fragile, hollowed out, clear, round glass balls, shaped perfectly to look like the kind of bubbles you can blow or that are made by a bubble machine. Still other kinds of glass bubbles used in centerpiece decorating look more like marbles and come in many different colors and designs.

These decorative glass accessories can be purchased in many different home goods stores, as well as in arts and crafts stores. The prices vary greatly depending on what kind of glass bubbles you are buying. The multi-colored, small, marble-like glass bubbles can be purchased in bulk quite inexpensively, while the more delicate, clear glass bubbles can get a little pricey. The kind you need depends on what kind of look you are trying to create. The marble like glass bubbles tend to add to a casual look while the more fragile glass bubbles are a bit more elegant.

Using Glass Bubbles for Centerpiece Decorating

The ways you can put glass bubbles to use in your centerpiece design are limited only by your imagination. You can do everything from filling a bowl full of glass bubbles to scattering glass bubbles around the table in random patterns. The only real rules come in when you are working with colors; make sure the colored glass bubbles you choose work with the rest of your table design (like your tablecloth, dishes and napkins). Other than that, have fun with it! Glass bubbles are a fun choice for table centerpieces, so you have lots of room to experiment with different table decorating ideas. If you need some inspiration, these websites have lots of great ideas for creating centerpieces using glass bubbles. Many of them also have photos of glass bubble decorating in action and links to places where you can purchase the glass bubbles you see in the photos:

  • Wedding Flowers and More - Glass bubbles are often used in wedding table designs, and wedding supply purveyors are great places to find unique glass bubbles. This site has tons of different options, at a variety of different prices.
  • Surroundings - Surroundings is a good resource for tons of unique centerpiece needs, including glass bubbles.
  • Flowers and Supplies - Flowers and Supplies has beautiful clear and colored glass bubbles. Some of the bubbles offered on this site are designed to float in a bowl of water, adding a special touch to your centerpiece.
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How to Use Glass Bubbles for Centerpiece Decorating