Glass Wall Mirrors: Reflecting a Wonderland

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Adding light and dimension in a room can be achieved with a glass wall accent mirror. Wall accent mirrors come in a huge variety of designs, shapes and sizes, making them a popular home accent choice for many decorators.

Decorating with Glass Wall Accent Mirrors

Accent mirrors help reflect the light in a room. If you have a room with few windows, adding a large mirror or a grouping of mirrors on one of the walls will help brighten the room and even make it look larger.

Accent mirrors are perfect for enhancing other decor. You can place a mirror on the wall opposite of one where you have artwork and the mirror will help the artwork to be visible no matter where you're sitting in the room. Accent mirrors placed behind large house plants help give you a 360 degree view of the plant. This effect also works well with a candle wall sconce, as the mirror helps reflect the candlelight back into the room. Mirrors look great when placed behind knickknacks and collectibles, because they provide a view from the back.

Mirrors work well when grouped with other framed wall art. You can space mirrors in between other wall decor to add splashes of reflective light throughout the display.

Fragmenting with Wall Mirrors

One technique used by designers to decorate with mirrors is called fragmenting. This involves spacing multiple mirrors in a deliberate pattern on the wall. The result is an eye-catching, fragmented display that helps elongate the wall and creates a soothing, repeating pattern. This effect works especially well with long vertical mirror panels. You can also hang the panels horizontally for a different effect.

Transforming an Entire Wall

You can make a bold statement by covering most of or an entire wall with mirrors. This is popular in many upscale homes. Large antique mirrored mercury glass tiles cover a wall in the Manhattan home of designer Todd Romano, giving the room an elegant look. See Todd Romano's mirrored wall.

You can make a wall of mirrors by hanging decorative accent mirrors in different, creative ways. Things you could try include:

  • Round, oval, or square mirrors all the same shape and size
  • Round, oval or square mirrors in different sizes and shapes
  • Groupings of colored mirrors in different colors
  • Framed mirrors with similar colors and shapes
  • Framed mirrors with different colors and shapes

Creating a Mirror Mosaic

One of the most unique and beautiful things you can create for a glass wall accent mirror display is a mirror mosaic. This can be done by using mirrors tiles to create interesting patterns and designs, or you can use broken shards of mirror to create an interesting mosaic.

You can create a mirror mosaic by taking an accent mirror and creating a mosaic frame around the edges or the entire mirror can be the mosaic. A mirror mosaic is a great idea for a kitchen backsplash.

Large Oversized Mirrors

If you have a large room, this is a good place to hang a very large, ornate mirror. A mirror like this truly becomes a work of art itself, and many of them have exquisite frames. It almost gives the illusion of a window into another universe. A large wall mirror will add a substantial amount of light to the room. The following list has examples of beautiful, large wall mirrors:

Large, decorative, accent mirrors hung behind the sofa make a great focal centerpiece for the living room. A large mirror also makes a nice display over the fireplace.

Whatever style of glass wall accent mirrors you decide to use, mirrors will brighten your home like no other style of decor can.

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Glass Wall Mirrors: Reflecting a Wonderland