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Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Coming up with Halloween decorating ideas is a snap. Coming up with cheap Halloween decorating ideas is another story. Translate your vision of a haunted house into reality with just a few basic items and still keep money in your pocket.

Check out some of these ideas for cheap and cheerful decorating ideas for the spookiest time of the year.

Indoor Halloween Decorations

Spending less on indoor decorations does not mean you can't create a scream-inducing scene. A frightening amount of good ideas are easy to do cheaply.

Spider Webs

Spider webs have long been associated with scary old houses. So, what better way to decorate the house for Halloween than with artificial spider webs? Make them easily with cotton batting (available at craft and sewing stores). Tear the cotton batting into parts and hang them from light fixtures, ceiling fans, mirrors, and more. Pick up some creepy fake spiders at a craft or dollar store to add to the webs.

Mad Scientist Lab

Set up a spooky lab with bottles full of colored water, fake bugs, and even chicken bones from last night's dinner!

Haunted House

To simulate the look of a deserted old haunted house, cover furniture with white sheets. Scatter talcum powder over them to create a dust cloud when guests take a seat. If you really want to creep-out visitors, drape a few spider webs over them as well.

Shrunken Heads

Shrunken Heads are totally creepy and fun to make. Peel apples, soak them is a solution of lemon juice and water for about an hour, and then carve faces into them. Let them dry out for about two weeks (leave them in a dry place or they'll get moldy), checking periodically to see if additional carving is needed. You can either place them on mantels, buffet tables, or elsewhere around the party. They also make great garlands.

Crunching Bones

Sprinkle some croutons, chips, or pretzels under area and throw rugs so that when people step on them it will sound like bones crunching underfoot.

Shadows and Lighting

  • Make eerie shadows by placing flashlights behind Halloween cut-out figures like bats and ghosts.
  • Create a faux lightning storm by placing a strobe light in a dark room. Otherwise, consider setting up a fog machine in a dimly lit room.
  • Use colored or black light bulbs to create a creepy mood. Red, purple and dark green colors are good choices.


Candles are great Halloween decorations that help create a Gothic mood. Use old bottles as candle holders and let the wax drip down them. Remember to use caution and make sure no costumes will come near open flames.

Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Give everyone who passes by your home a scare with some spooky outdoor decorations.


Halloween wouldn't be the same without some spooky carved pumpkins. All you have to do is remove the top, scoop out the insides and then get creative. Try using stencils to carve a super scary face, and then place a lit candle inside to increase the fright factor. Make several and use them to line the driveway, porch steps, or anywhere else you dare!

Monster Footprints

Create creepy footprints using a large sponge and washable paint. Make the footprints creepy by cutting out claw-like shapes, then press them in the paint and sponge the footsteps along the path leading into the house.


Nothing says creepy like a coffin with a dead body inside. Build a simple coffin with a few pieces of wood and place a homemade dummy inside. If you don't want to use a full dummy, consider closing the coffin lid and place a fake limb, like an arm or leg coming out of it. Add some fake blood to the side for a downright gruesome affect.


A graveyard full of tombstones is just plain eerie. They can be purchased in the holiday sections of most craft stores in the late summer and early fall, or for a fun and cost-effective project, go the homemade route. Simply take a large piece of cardboard and cut out tombstone shapes. Paint them gray and use a black marker to write some ghoulish sayings on them. Place a few on the lawn to creep-out passersby.

Sound Effects

No haunted house is complete without sound effects. Sinister-sounding music is readily available and it will enhance the creep factor of your house or party immensely. Scary sounds like screams, howls, creaking doors and the like will give visitors to your home a fright.

These inexpensive Halloween decorating ideas are sure to give your guests a fright this year!

Halloween Decorating Ideas