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Halloween Decoration

Beth Asaff

The air is cool and crisp, the leaves are starting to turn golden and it's time for trick-or-treating. With a few creative ideas to help you along, Halloween decorations can be as much fun to create as they are to enjoy.

Naturally Eerie Elements

One of the simplest ways to infuse your home with spooky spirit is the use natural elements from the garden, local farmer's market or grocery store produce department. Colorful gourds, pumpkins of all sizes, fall foliage, and Indian corn are inexpensive and easy to find. These harvest staples are a fantastic starting point for your Halloween decorations.

Begin at your front porch with stacks of pumpkins and small bales of hay or straw. For a little extra amusement, carve a few pumpkins into grinning or grimacing jack-o-lanterns. Carefully light votive candles inside the jacks or use battery powered bulbs to illuminate the porch with a flickering glow at night.

Try painting pumpkins or gourds in colors to match your décor or use a whimsical theme like polka dots. Metallic paint colors and glitter will jazz up your jack-o-lanterns. These humble vegetables can also be turned into convincing ghosts, goblins and other characters with the use of paint and small assorted hats or props.

Feature Creatures

When you want a little more fright in your Halloween decoration, try adding some seriously spooky elements. For a classic touch, drape fake cobwebs and spiders over your mirrors and doorways. Make silhouette cut outs of ravens, moons, and stars to tape inside your window panes. Use a fog machine in your foyer and give your guests and visitors instant chills as they enter for a night of fun.

Of course, anything orange or black will add to the festivities. Black plastic trash bags can be cut open and used to cover doors, hang from ceilings or line the walls of a hallway. Embellish these black canvases with scary images and phrases using fluorescent or glow in the dark paints.

To create a mystical mood, use unique light bulb colors both inside and outside your home. Try orange or red bulbs to accentuate the surrounding autumn colors, or go all out with black or purple lights for a psychedelic effect.

Build your own creepy graveyard using painted cereal boxes or custom shaped Styrofoam slabs. Spray paint the headstones in traditional gray, or use funky colors like hot pink and neon green. Hang skeletons and scarecrows from staircases and ceilings inside, recline them outside on the pumpkin patch porch, or hang them in trees along with a few fake ravens. Fill latex gloves with water, sand, or air. Then strategically place these ghoulish hands to accentuate the startling displays you've built around the house or outdoors on the patio.

Halloween Decorating Resources

Get Into the Spirit

Build a collection of Halloween decorations over the years by creating pieces that can be saved and reused. Start decorating early each year so you have plenty of time to get everything in place long enough to truly enjoy it and remember to stock up on decorations at after Halloween sales to start getting ready for next year.

Halloween Decoration