The Beauty of Hand Painted Drawer Pulls & What to Look For

Handpainted knobs and drawer pulls customize your decor.

Handpainted drawer pulls can turn a plain chest or cabinet into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Custom Looks For Any Room

You can quickly change the look of a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, playroom or laundry room by replacing current knobs and drawer pulls with handpainted drawer pulls. Ideas include:

  • Country kitchens become cozier with gingham door knobs on your painted cabinets.
  • A guest bath takes on an aquatic theme with a few fish knobs on the sink cabinet.
  • That space at the end of the hall becomes a focal point with a three-drawer chest salvaged from a yard sale, repainted and dressed-up with handpainted knobs or pulls.
  • Your son or daughter's bedroom becomes their special haven with knobs or pulls that are themed to match their particular interests.
  • Discount and unfinished furniture can take on a custom-themed look with a few well-chosen, handpainted knobs.

Benefits of Handpainted Drawer Pulls

  • Unique - You can create your own look on cabinets and furniture.
  • Easy to create a theme - Knobs and drawer pulls are available in many themes including sports, animals, flowers, and graphics.
  • Fresh new look for old furniture - Add them to a tired old cabinet or piece of furniture for a totally new look.
  • Fast installation - Five minutes and a screwdriver is all you need to replace the current knobs and pulls.
  • Durable - The handpainted knob is finished with a clear coating that minimizes any wear-off and protects the knob from dirt and stains.
  • Changeable - If you change your mind, you just unscrew the knob or drawer pull to remove it.
  • Landlord-friendly - You can customize your cabinets with knobs that match the color and theme of your décor - no need to paint the cabinet.
  • Transportable - You can remove the knobs and pulls and take them with you if you move.

Quality Features to Look For

Handpainted drawer pulls often look delicate; but, they are really very sturdy. For the best quality knobs look for:

  • Acrylic paint - The colors will be clearer, the finish will be smoother and the paint will be more durable.
  • Finished back - There should be a smooth acrylic finish on the sides and back.
  • Careful painting - Look for smooth edges on the painted images such as round eyes on the animals, square windows on the cars and trucks and straight lines in the graphics.
  • Complete finishing - Knobs and pulls should be sealed with a clear poly coat to resist wear and dirt. The finish should be on the front and back of the knob.


Handpainted pulls and knobs are not inexpensive. Prices can range from about $10 to $22 per knob depending on the level of detail included in the painted image.

It may, or may not, be cheaper to paint your own knobs. You can purchase unfinished wooden pulls and knobs at a building supply store for about $1. Acrylic paint will cost several dollars a can for each color you plan to have in your design. You will also need to purchase a clear poly coat for several finishing coats. Bottom line: It may be cheaper to purchase the knobs and pulls already handpainted if you are only looking for a few.

Where to Buy

They can be purchased at craft fairs, in many home décor stores and online:

Cottage Topiary

Cottage Topiary is the Connecticut-based art studio of Michele Garrick. This is a very unique collection of handpainted knobs in a variety of shapes. The shapes, designs and painting are all very detailed. All knobs are painted to order so be sure to allow at least three weeks for Michele to complete the painting. She will also prepare customized designs and colors to match your décor.

Sweet Peaches

Texas-based Sweet Peaches has a large assortment of flat-front, painted pulls and knobs that include airplanes, cars, firemen, sports, ballet and flowers as well as graphic patterns to coordinate with their bedding styles.


A young artist named Judith Gries has created Judestuff to offer her custom painted drawer pulls. She has a wide variety of designs on various sizes and styles of drawer and door pulls and knobs. Ball and flat-front knobs include designs for kitchen, bath or kids rooms such as fruit, animal prints, fish as well as colorful graphic patterns. All knobs are painted to order so you can select the exact colors you want used, but it will take a few weeks.

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The Beauty of Hand Painted Drawer Pulls & What to Look For