Hanging Room Dividers: Benefits and Installation Tips

You can craft your own hanging dividers from your favorite fabric

If you have a space that needs to be sectioned off, hanging room dividers may be just the ticket. These room dividers delineate specific areas of the room without taking up all of the space of a traditional wooden room divider. Plus, hanging room dividers can be easily drawn back whenever you want to open up the whole room. Here are some options to consider when looking for hanging dividers.

What are Hanging Room Dividers?

Hanging room dividers are panels that are suspending from the ceiling to divide up a room. Hanging dividers may be made of fabric and similar to curtains, or they may be made of a number of other materials, from beads to plastic. The kind of hanging divider that is right for you depends on your interior design style and why you want a room divider in the first place. If it is simply style you are after, a beaded room divider or some other piece that is easy to see through is a fine option. If the purpose of the divider is to create privacy in a small space, then something made of fabric or a heavier material is ideal.

There are many benefits to choosing a hanging divider over a traditional room dividing screen:

  • Hanging dividers provide more privacy. Unlike a panel divider that sits on the floor, a hanging divider can reach from the floor to the ceiling and from one end of the room to the other.
  • Hanging dividers can be rearranged at will. If you want to open up your room, you can easily slide the divider back, and when it's time for more privacy, simply close it off again.
  • They are easy to install, and often don't require an extensive assembly by you. There are a wide range of styles on the market, so finding a divider to fit any décor is easy. With traditional screen dividers, you may have to build one that you like for yourself.

How to Install Hanging Dividers

The installation process for installing hanging dividers depends on if you have purchased a specific hanging system or if you plan to use curtains or other materials of your own to create the divider. If you have purchased a system, simply follow the manufacturer's instructions. If you are making your own divider, install a series of curtain rods across your ceiling and hang the material from those. Be sure the ends line up evenly and that the curtain rods cover the entire length of the space you want the curtain to separate.

Always make sure that the bolts you are using to attach the rods to the ceiling are strong enough to hold your fabric. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines if you have purchased a divider system. Dividers are common in apartments, where people are sharing a small space, but if you are renting, check with your landlord before you attach the dividers to the ceiling. The bolt size required may leave large holes, and you may be prohibited from installing them.

Buy Hanging Room Dividers

The following websites have good selections of hanging room dividers:

If you are making your own dividers, check out your local fabric stores and discount stores for great deals.

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Hanging Room Dividers: Benefits and Installation Tips