10 Clever Headboard Ideas to Sleep in Style

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A headboard can really transform the look of a bedroom. Beyond just an extension of the bed frame, a headboard can be a focal point in the room, adding interest, color, texture and even storage to an otherwise plain wall. Jazz up your existing headboard by adding design elements or skip the traditional headboard and use something unexpected in its place.

Simple Headboard Ideas

Use any of these ideas to create a headboard or decorative area behind your bed.

Bookcase or Shelves

Need more space for storage, books, knick-knacks and other items? If so, consider placing a bookshelf behind the bed or pretty shelves on the wall above the bed. For additional drama, install a small light or two to highlight certain items.

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Wall Hangings

wall hangings over a bed

Wall hangings can be used as simple headboards that will work well in any room. Get rid of your old headboard and fill the space with a beautiful hand-crafted quilt, woven rug or tapestry. The quilt, tapestry or rug can be framed or draped over some type of rod. Select colors for the wall hanging that reflect other shades in the room, or use it as a jumping off point for the rest of the room's design. A beautiful, pictorial tapestry can be the starting point for an entire bedroom makeover. Use it to get inspiration for your wall color, bedspread and throw pillows once it's in place.

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Painted Headboard

mural headboard

Who says you have to have an actual headboard at the head of your bed? Stencil or freehand a pattern on the wall instead. You have so many options with this idea. You can echo patterns that are on your comforter or bedspread. You could paint a mural or just use stripes, geometric designs or anything that catches your fancy. Paint the entire wall behind the bed, or frame out an area with a decorative border to give it definition.

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Door Headboard

Do you have any old doors just taking up space? Old wooden doors will add a sense of character to any bedroom. You can strip and stain them to match your bedroom furniture, or paint them in a variety of colors. If you like an eclectic look, consider using bright contrasting colors on the door. Then, hang it horizontally over the bed or simply stand it up vertically behind a twin size bed. Consider adding a series of doorknobs or antique brass hooks across the door to hang ribbons, jewelry or small picture frames. You can also fill in the door panels with fabric, wallpaper or enlarged photos to make it your own.

Use Wall Furniture

Coat rack headboard

Wall furniture like coat racks can become instant decoration as a headboard. Hang the coat rack above the bed, but instead of hanging coats or hats from the pegs, drape fabric for a soft and romantic look.

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Garden Headboard

Purchase a piece of iron or picket garden fencing to hang on the wall. For added flair, intertwine ivy and/or flowers along the fence, or stencil flowers and vines on the wooden pickets.

Another option is to purchase a garden gate. Gates can be large or small and may be perfect to center above a bed, drawing the eye and expanding the visual space.

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Art Canvases

Canvases headboard

Create a work of art as your headboard by purchasing two or three (depending upon the area you need to cover) art canvases, and painting them in contrasting or matching colors. Rectangular pieces work well for this design. Select colors from those already in the room for the best fit, including:

  • A lighter or darker shade of the wall color
  • Throw pillows
  • Bedspreads
  • Floor or rug color

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Fabric Panels

Fabric headboard

Using art canvases or pieces of plywood, create fabric panels. Purchase batting to place over the panels, to give it a tufted headboard look. Use a stapler or glue gun to attach fabric to each section and hang over the bed. If you really want to give it that tufted look, purchase some buttons with small loops on the back as well. Drill through the fabric and the plywood and use twine to pull the back of the button through the hole. Anchor the twine on the other side with a staple gun to get the finished look.

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Tiled Headboard

A tiled headboard can be created out of any material. Look for mosaic wallpaper tiles to create some exotic looks, leather look tiles for a sensual feel or handmade ceramic tiles to fit any design. Install the tiles either right on the wall using thinset mortar, or tile a large piece of plywood and hang that on the wall instead. Be sure to use some decorative border tiles to frame out the design you make and give it a finished look.

Get the supplies you need from:

  • The Tile Shop for ceramic, stone or glass tiles and the supplies to install them.
  • Mosaic Tile Wallpaper for a custom mural design.

Headboard Coverings

slipcover headboard

If you like the shape of your old headboard, you can give it some new life by creating a slipcover or two to change its appearance.

  1. Measure the headboard, both the height and width and the thickness.
  2. Tack foam batting to the front of the headboard; add a couple of layers, depending upon how plush you want the headboard to look.
  3. Purchase fabric to cover the head board, and sew it on the top and two sides.
  4. Slide the cover down over the top of the headboard.

These are easy to make, and you can change them out when you get bored with one look.

Create Your Own Look

There are so many ways to create a simple headboard, that you'll have no problem finding one that suits you. Branch out to find a decorative and innovative way to highlight the wall behind your bed and watch your bedroom design come to life.

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10 Clever Headboard Ideas to Sleep in Style