African Home Decor Ideas for an Authentic Aesthetic

Decorated African Pots

Houses with African décor can give the feeling of being in exotic Africa, no matter how far away from Africa the house may actually be. A home can be light years away from African styles on the exterior, but African décor on the inside can transport you to a whole other world.

About Houses with African Décor

What exactly is a house with African décor? African décor can take many different styles, depending on the area of Africa that the style originates. For instance, styles that originate from the Maghreb area of Northern Africa - countries like Morocco and Algeria, blend African influences with more traditional Middle Eastern and Arabic influences, while décor from the southern part of Africa bears some European influences from the days of colonization. East African décor, conceived in countries like Uganda, is particularly popular in Western homes decorated in African style. This style incorporates many tribal influences, such as traditional tribal symbols worked into pieces of art and African masks. Safari themes are yet another way to incorporate African décor into a home.

How to Decorate a House with African Décor

When you set out on an African themed home decorating project, it helps to settle on a single theme or one place in Africa, and many people choose to take their African decorating cues from parts of Africa from which they have an ancestral tie. However, by no means do you have to be able to trace your relatives back to Africa to get in on the beauty of African design and to use it in your home.

No matter where in Africa you draw your design inspiration, African design style is all about mixing natural elements with bright, vibrant colors. Red, yellow, and black are the colors that come to most people's minds first when they think of African design, but bright colors of any kind, including blues, greens, and purple are right at home in an African themed room as well. Keep in mind that when you are using bright colors like these, restraint is the key. Because dark colors and bright colors can make a room look smaller, the size of your rooms will dictate just how much of these colors you should use in your home. If you're unsure how to manage these colors, try adding the colors through accessories instead of adding them to your walls. That way, you can easily remove pieces if you feel like the color is overwhelming your room. Stick to neutral colors for the rest of the room.

The other important facet of African decorating is indigenous artwork, whether actually brought home from a trip to Africa, purchased from an authentic dealer, or simply a replication piece. African art is filled with meaning. Hand carved statues that are said to bring peace, fertility, health, money, longevity and more are common. Hand carved vases and flatware with symbols of different African tribes are also popular. Prints used in fabrics are often associated with particular tribes or regions. Find art that means something to you and your family to develop a look that is unique to your home.

Shopping for African Decorating Items

Adding authentic pieces into your African home decorating scheme will really bring your room together, and the internet is a shopper's paradise for these kinds of goods. The following websites all offer African decorating staples for many different types of African design, plus, they offer handy decorating advice to pull your look together:

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African Home Decor Ideas for an Authentic Aesthetic