5 Tropical Tiki Patio Decor Ideas for a Relaxing Escape

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If you love the tropics, the beach, and cocktails on the patio after dark, then why not consider a these ideas for a tropical tiki oasis when you're looking for a decorating them? You may not be able to bring the beach, but you can certainly decorate in island style, with tiki-inspired decor and tropical plantings.

While tiki decor may have had its heydey in the 70's, the style is coming back in a big way. Tiki bars can be found in cities around the country, and tiki mugs, food, carvings, music, and other accessories are available all over the internet. As long as you don't go overboard, you can incorporate your ideas for a tropical tiki oasis into your outdoor space with just enough tiki style to enjoy all through the seasons.

Ideas for a Tropical Tiki Oasis

Here are some ideas for both playful and restrained Polynesian pizazz:

  • Tiki torches are, of course, the first thing that spring to mind when you're thinking of ideas for a tropical tiki oasis. Encircle your entertaining area, like a patio or deck, with bamboo tiki torches or metal deck torches. Bamboo torches are of course a classic, and perfect for a casual and fun atmosphere. Metal pole torches, on the other hand, inspire a more sophisticated feel and come in a huge range of styles. Both types are oil filled and will burn between 6 and 16 hours depending on the wick (fiberglass is best), and the size of the reservoir. Paraffin oil is odorless and burns the cleanest.
Tiki torches
Tiki torches
  • Choose large-leafed plants and grasses for your beds and patio containers. Your local garden center can help you make the best choices for your area. Mini palms, for example, work great to enhance the tropical feel, and can be thirve throughout the winter successfully in colder areas if mulched and wrapped properly.
  • Choose outdoor furniture made from natural materials. Outdoor or treated wicker, for example, or Poynesian style gazebos with canvas roof, and hammocks--all great choices! Outdoor rugs made from bamboo are another simple and inexpensive detail. Bamboo rugs are durable and easy to maintain. Just wipe them down with a damp cloth.
  • Accessorize with outdoor cushions and fabrics that remind you of your trip to Hawaii or the Bahamas. Choose bold colors and bright prints that you can mix and match, depending on your mood. Also don't forget to accessorize with fun outdoor servingware. Acrylic dishes, glasses, and trays in a tiki motif or bright solid color are perfect and practical for patio entertaining.
  • If you entertain a lot and really want to impress, consider having your own tiki bar or hut on your deck or patio. For example, instead of canvas market umbrellas or gazebos, a beautifully thatched tiki hut provides both shade and style. In fact, the thatch itself keeps the temperature several degrees cooler, which is why it's such a mainstay in tropical areas. Thatched tiki huts and bars are also more durable than you think and can withstand high windows, rain, and snow.
Tiki umbrella
Tiki umbrella


You can find tiki bar and bar stool plans online, but if you'd rather not go it alone, you can order a pre-made thatched or unthatched roof to be delivered right to your door from a number of online retailers.

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5 Tropical Tiki Patio Decor Ideas for a Relaxing Escape